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Seite 97 - Persians' grave, I could not deem myself a slave. A king sate on the rocky brow Which looks o'er sea-born Salamis; And ships by thousands lay below, And men in nations; — all were his! He counted them at break of day, And when the sun set, where were they?
Seite 52 - Polycrates, A tyrant; but our masters then Were still at least our countrymen. The tyrant of the Chersonese Was freedom's best and bravest friend. That tyrant was Miltiades. Oh, that the present hour would lend Another despot of the kind ! Such chains as his were sure to bind.
Seite 339 - has there been witnessed the struggle of the highest individual genius against the resources and institutions of a great nation, and in both cases the nation has been victorious. For seventeen years Hannibal strove against Rome ; for sixteen years Napoleon Bonaparte strove against England : the efforts of the first ended in Zama ; those of the second in Waterloo.
Seite 219 - I never heard the old song of Percy and Douglas that I found not my heart moved more than with a trumpet...
Seite 249 - With their back to the field and their feet to the foe, And leaving in battle no blot on their name, Looked proudly to heaven from the death-bed of fame.
Seite 141 - Asopos' plain O'erleaped, and on Kithairon's rock awoke Another pile of telegraphic fire. Nor did the watchmen there, with niggard hand, Deny the torch, that blazed most bright of all. Athwart the lake Gorgopis shot the gleam, Stirring the guards on Aigiplanctos' hill, Lest it should fail to shine, the appointed blaze. Kindled with generous zeal, they sent aloft The mighty beard of flame, that streamed so high To flash beyond the towering heights which guard The gulf Saronic. Thence it shot, —...

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