The Voices of Those Remaining

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Fateful circumstances brought Christian to the infamous psychiatric ward in Ueckermünde, East Germany. Locked first in the dark red brick House 12 and later in the dilapidated socialist building 40, coercive treatment, derogatory remarks by staff and questionable therapies were on the agenda. After returning to freedom, psychologists denied his abilities and pressured him. He fought against their plans for him and a system that forgets its most vulnerable people. But he heeded only his confidant's advice. Many years later, using his diary notes, he vividly describes his meetings with people who were treated in Ueckermünde in different times and political systems. One thing united them: they had never found a way back into society. 18 years later, Christian returned to Ueckermünde for further research and learned that the same doctors were still practicing.

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Über den Autor (2016)

During his hospitalization in Ueckermünde, doctors certified Christian had an intelligence level below average. This stigma closed him off to society. For one and a half years, coercive treatment robbed him of his ability to communicate, and left him at the mercy of the staff. Having survived the traumatizing ordeal, he turned his back on his hometown and underwent treatment in a specialized clinic for traumatised individuals in the West. Later, he studied French and English and received a PhD in linguistics, where his research took him to Paris and Dublin. At present, he is actively involved in helping supporting marginalized people and critically studying the concept of inclusion.

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