A Handbook of Chemical Manipulation

J. Van Voorst, 1857 - 580 Seiten

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Seite 592 - The Powers of the Creator Displayed in the Creation ; or, Observations on Life amidst the various forms of the Humbler Tribes of Animated Nature ; with Practical Comments and Illustrations. By Sir JOHN GRAHAM DALYELL, Knt.
Seite 585 - Introduction to Conchology ; or, Elements of the Natural History of Molluscous Animals. By GEORGE JOHNSTON, MD, LL.D., Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, author of ' A History of the British Zoophytes.
Seite 590 - GEOLOGICAL INQUIRY RESPECTING THE WATER-BEARING STRATA OF THE COUNTRY AROUND LONDON, with reference especially to the Water Supply of the Metropolis, and including some Remarks on Springs. By JOSEPH PRESTWICH, FGS, &o. 8vo, with a Map and Woodcuts, 8».
Seite 584 - Geographical and Comparative List of the Birds of Europe and North America.
Seite 593 - Natural History of the County of Stafford; comprising its Geology, Zoology, Botany, and Meteorology: also its Antiquities. Topography, Manufactures, &c. By ROBERT GARNER, FLS 8vo, with a Geological Map and
Seite 328 - ... cast-iron, exactly represented in figs. 646 and 647 ; while the basin U is fixed on a Fig. 646. plate which can be raised at will along the vertical support ZZ', by means of the toothed rack vw, which works with the toothed pinion o set in motion by the crank B. The ratchet r arrests the toothedracks and consequently keeps the basin U in any given position. A counterpoise affixed to the ratchet facilitates its working, and, as it is turned to one side or the other, the ratchet is thrown in or...
Seite 593 - Travels in Lycia, Milyas, and the Cibyratis, in company with the late Rev. ET Daniell. By Lieut. SPRATT, RN, and Professor EDWARD FORBES. Two vols. 8vo, with numerous Illustrations, including Views of the Scenery, Plans of Ancient Cities and Buildings, Plates of Coins and Inscriptions, Cuts of Rock Tombs, Fossils, and Geological Sections, and an original Map of Lycia. 36s.
Seite 591 - T. Rymer) General Outline of the Organization of the Animal Kingdom, and Manual of Comparative Anatomy, illustrated with 571 engravings, thick 8vo, half roan, gilt top (pub £l lis 6d), 6s. Van Voorst. Jones
Seite 591 - Anatomical Manipulation ; or, The Methods of pursuing Practical Investigations in Comparative Anatomy and Physiology. Also an Introduction to the Use of the Microscope, &c. By ALFRED TULK, MRCS, MES ; and ARTHUR HENFREY, FLS, M.Micr.S.
Seite 588 - Sea- Weed Collector's Guide ; containing plain Instructions for Collecting and Preserving ; and a List of all the known Species and Localities in Great Britain. By J. COCKS, MD Foolscap 8vo, 2s.

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