Little Arthur's History of England, Band 1


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Seite iii - You know, my dear little Arthur, that the country you live in is called ENGLAND. It is joined to another country called SCOTLAND, and the two together are called GREAT BRITAIN. Now, a very long time ago, Britain was so full of trees, that there was very little room for houses, and still less for
Seite 32 - was about sixteen, a civil war had very near taken place. I will tell you how it happened. The king was not so well brought up as he ought to have been, and he loved eating and drinking and fine clothes, and he made a great many feasts, and gave fine presents to his
Seite 226 - Most sorrowful was this parting, the young princess shedding tears and crying lamentably, so as moved others to pity, that formerly were hard-hearted; and at opening the
Seite 153 - but prepare for her own death next day. She wrote a letter to her father, to take leave of him, in which she said, " My guiltless blood may cry before the Lord, mercy to the innocent !" She left her Greek testament to her sister Catherine, with a Greek letter written on a blank leaf in it. When she was taken from prison to be beheaded, she spoke kindly and gently to
Seite 14 - and, as the Britons were very clever, you may think how soon they learned to read and write, and how glad their fathers and mothers were to see them so improved. You see, therefore, that when God allowed the
Seite 146 - O Lord, save thy chosen people of England. Defend this realm from papistry, and maintain thy true religion.
Seite 227 - The next morning very early, the king called Mr. Herbert to help him to dress, and said it was like a second marriage day, and he wished to be well dressed, for before night he hoped to be in heaven. While he was dressing, he said, " Death is not terrible to me! I bless God that I am
Seite 49 - than a hundred vessels, and he was the first king of England who had good ships of his own. Besides fighting the Danes, Alfred made other good uses of his ships. He sent some to Italy and France, to get books, and many things that the English
Seite 227 - Bishop Juxon then came and prayed with Charles, till Colonel Hacker, who had the care of the king, came to call them. Then the king went to Whitehall, and as he went, one soldier prayed " God bless
Seite 228 - and a man in a mask cut off his head with one stroke. The bishop and Mr. Herbert, then took their master's body and head, and laid them in a coffin, and buried them in St. George's chapel at Windsor, where several kings of England had been buried before. CHAPTER L. THE COMMONWEALTH.

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