West Coast of Scotland Pilot, Band 1


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Seite 461 - ... seen. Such lights shall be placed so that the vertical distance between them shall be not less than six feet and not more than fifteen feet, and so that the horizontal distance between them, measured in a line with the keel,.
Seite xiv - Use of oil for modifying the effect of breaking waves. — Many experiences of late years have shown that the utility of oil for this purpose is undoubted,, and the application simple. The following may serve for the guidance of seamen, whose attention is called to the fact that a very small quantity of oil, skillfully applied, may prevent much damage both to ships, especially of the smaller classes, and to boats by modifying the action of breaking seas. The principal facts as to the use of oil are...
Seite 455 - Sailing vessels and boats of less than twenty tons gross tonnage shall not be obliged to give the above-mentioned signals, but, if they do not, they shall make some other efficient sound signal at intervals of not more than one minute.
Seite 461 - ... is to be understood boats not protected from the entry of sea water by means of a continuous deck, when engaged in any fishing at night, with outlying tackle extending not more than one hundred and fifty feet horizontally from the boat into the seaway, shall carry one all-round white light. Open boats, when fishing at night, with outlying tackle extending more than...
Seite viii - ... on the chart has a greater effect in misplacing the position the longer the line to be drawn.
Seite 461 - ... respectively, at intervals of not more than one minute make a blast; if steam vessels, with the whistle or siren ; and if sailing vessels, with the foghorn ; each blast to be followed by ringing the bell.
Seite 447 - Mayday"; (f) the International Code Signal of distress indicated by NC; (g) a signal consisting of a square flag having above or below it a ball or anything resembling a ball...
Seite 437 - In some channels the tidal stream may overrun the turn of the vertical movement of the tide by three hours, forming what is usually known as tide and...
Seite xiv - Local magnetic disturbance of the compass on board ship. — The term "local magnetic disturbance" has reference only to the effects on the compass of magnetic masses external to the ship. Observation shows that disturbance of the compass in a ship afloat is experienced in only a few places on the globe.
Seite xv - Crossing a bar with a flood tide, to pour oil overboard and allow it to float in ahead of the boat, which would follow with a bag towing astern, would appear to be the best plan.

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