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QUESTION to the Professors of Christianity, - Page

Some Queries concerning Christ and his Appearances,

An Incitation to Profeslors

Some Propositions and Confiderations, concerning Church Worships and Ordi-


The Sounding of Bowels towards thee, O England !

A faithful Guidance to the Principle and Path of Truth,

Some Questions and Answers from the Tenth of John.

To such as are not Satisfied with a Profession,

Concerning Applying the Promises,

A Postscript concerning Deceit and being Deceived,

A brief Account of my Soul's Travel, &c.

Some Things relating to Religion, proposed to the Royal Society, -

Concerning the Ground of Certainty in Religion,

Of Tenderness of Spirit and Perfecution,

A Query concerning Separation,

Concerning the Walhing away of Sin from the Conscience

Some Questions and Antwers, concerning the Church of the New Covenant 64

Some Queries to Professors.


Of the Church in its first and pure State, in its declining State, in its de

clined State, and in its Recovery,

The Way of Salvation in the Covenant of Life opened,

Queries concerning the New Covenant,

An Exhortation to all People, but more especially to such as are Desolate and



A Visit of Tender and Upright Love, to such, as among the many Professions

and Ways of Religion, retain any Measure of Sincerity,


A brief Account of the Ground of Certainty and Satisfaction, which it hath

pleased the Lord to establish in my Heart


A Question answered, about the Way of knowing the Motions, Doctrines, and

Teachings of Christ's Spirit,

- 113

Somewhat Touching the Gospel Rest, or Sabbath,

Some Queries to such as complain of Want of Power,


A Postscript containing further Queries concerning the New Covenant - 125

An Enquiry after Truth and Righteousness, and after the People whom the

Lord Establisheth, and will Eftablish therein



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Port Exhortation cal and to the Native Countie's ALM; fuel,



Some Queries on ISAIAH liv.

Page 131

The Holy Truth and People defended, in Answer to the chief Passages in

a Letter,

- 135

The Ancient Principle of Truth, or the Light within asserted, - 16g

An Appeal to God's Witness in all Coniciences


Naked Truth, or Truth Nakedly Manifesting itself,

Some Experiences added,


A few Words concerning the true Christ,


A few Words to my Native Country,


The Flesh and Blood of Christ in the Mystery, and in the Outward, — 246

A brief Account concerning the People called Quakers, ..

A few Words concerning the Way of Peace,


Postscript, containing a few Words concerning the People called Quakers, 266

An Exhortation to true Christianity,


To the Jews Natural and to the Jews Spiritual,

A few Words to England, my Native Country,


Three Queries upon three Verses of the 46th Psalm,


Concerning the true Church and Ministry under the Gospel, -


Some Questions answered, concerning the Lamb's War,

· 293

Some Sensible and Weighty Queries, concerning some Things very sweet
and necessary to be Experienced in the truly Christian State,

Postscript, containing fome Queries on Is A. 1. 10, 11,

The Everlasting Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Blessed Effects

thereof Testified to from Experience,


A Further Testimony to Truth, Revived out of the Ruins of the Apostasy, 215

An Objection, concerning the Newness of the Way of Truth, answered, &c. 322

A Caution to those who are at any Time touched with the Power of Truth, 324

An Objection against the Principle which we bear witness to, answered, - 330

Some Questions and Answers concerning the New Covenant,

- 331

A Question or two, relating to Election, answered,

335 -

A Question answered concerning the Ground of Mens Misunderstanding and

Wresting of Scriptures,

- 336

Some Questions, Answers, and Queries, concerning Deceit and Deceivers, 338

That the Way of Life and Salvation is freely held forth by. God to all, - 340

"Some Questions answered concerning the Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of the

Scribes and Pharisees,

- 243

Some Questions answered concerning Blasphemy, and a Question concerning Mi-

racles answered,

Some further Questions answered concerning the New Covenant,


A brief Account concerning Silent Meetings,


Life and Immortality brought to Light through the Gospel, - 355

. A few Words in General to those that defire the Knowledge of the true God, 358

1. Some Queries concerning the State of the Church, as it was in the Apostles

Days, and was to be afterwards,



on Cha. xxix, & xxx. of DEUT. compared with ROM.X. 362

III. -

--- concerning Destruction and Salvation,


IV. - _-on Coloss, i. 27, 28, 29.


- concerning the Way of Life, and Mystery of the Gospel, 367

VI. -

- concerning Righteousness or Justification,


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eftions the Law of the Chie Law, om, and prayer

. VII. Some Queries about being under the Law, and being under Grace, Page 370


for the Professors of Christianity to consider of, and try their

· States by




IX. A Question answered about Preaching the Gospel after the Apoftafy;. 373

X. Two Questions answered; one concerning others not Learning what God

Teacheth us; the other concerning the Way of his Teaching us, - 375

XI. Of the threefold Appearance of Christ; to wit, under the Law, in a Body

of Flesh, and in his Spirit and Power,


XII. Concerning Mount Sinai and Mount Sion,


XIII. Of the Signification of Mount Sinai and Mount Sion,

XIV. Concerning the Temple and Sacrifices under the Gospel, .

XV. Some Questions concerning the Light of Christ's Spirit, answered, 386

XVI. The Way to know one's Election, and to be fully assured of it, - 390

XVII. Some Observations concerning the Priesthood of Christ, from several Paf-

fages in the Epistle to the Hebrews,


XVIII. A brief Relation of the Estate or Condition the Lord found many of us

in, &c.



XIX. Concerning the Gofpel-State, -


- 4.08

XX. Concerning Baptism,


XXI. Some Questions answered, concerning the Gentiles doing by Nature the

Things contained in the Law,


XXII. Concerning the Rule of the Children of the New Covenant, - 425

XXIII. Some Queries concerning the Law, or Word; Statutes, Testimonies,

Judgments, &c. which David was so delighted in, and prayed so earnestly for, 428

XXIV. Some Observations on 2 Pet. iii. 14, 15, 16.


XXV. Concerning the Gospel-Ministry, or Right Way of Teaching and Learn-

ing the Mystery of Life and Salvation,

XXVI. A few Words concerning the Old and New Covenant, with some

Queries thereupon,


XXVII. Queries on Rom. vi. vii. and viïi.


XXVIII. A further Testimony in Brief, concerning the Work of God upon our

Hearts, who are called Quakers,


XXIX. A brief Account of the Ground of our Worship, and how it comes to

pass that we cannot Conform to the Spirit of this World, or to the Wills of

Men therein, but only to the Spirit and Will of our God,

· 444 -

XXX. Some Queries concerning knowing and owning the Lord Jesus Christ

truly and aright.

( 445

A Reply to thy Animadversions,


A few Experiences, concerning some of the Weighty Things relating to

God's Everlasting Kingdom,


I. A faithful Testimony concerning the True and Pure Way of Life, - 484

II. Concerning the Perfecting of God's Work in the Heart,


III. Concerning the True Christ, how it may be certainly and infallibly known

which is hes

. 487

IV. Some Queries to such as affirm the Scriptures to be the only Rule, and deny

the Spirit, the Seed of the Kingdom, &c. to be the Rule of the Children of

the New Covenant,

- 488

V. Concerning the Light wherewith Christ the Life enlighteneth every Man, 490

VI. A few Words further concerning Perfection,

VII. Concerning Imputation of Righteousness,


VIII. Some Queries concerning the Time and Work of Reformation, – 493

IX. Some

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IX. Some Queries concerning the Spirit of Christ, &c. - * 496

X. Of the true Way (the Way of Holiness, the Way of Life) and of the True

Teaching and Knowledge,


XI. Concerning Separation from the Spirit and Ways of the World, - 499

A Treatise concerning God's Teachings and Christ's Law, &c. - 503

I. Concerning God's Teachings,


11. Concerning the Law of Christ,


III. A brief Relation concerning myself, in Reference to what has befallen me

in my Pursuit after Truth,


IV. A Question about Preaching the Everlasting Gospel, answered, 513

V. Concerning Christ's Ministry, or Priesthood,

- 515

VI. Concerning the true Knowledge of Christ,


VII. A few Words more concerning the Right Way of Knowing, as it is wit-

nessed to in the Scriptures, and experienced in the Hearts of those that truly

and livingly know the Lord,



VIII. Concerning Christ's Righteousness, &c.


IX. Of the Grace of the Gospel,


X. A Question answered, concerning Real Holiness,


XI. Concerning the Law of Sin in the Fleshly Mind, and the Law of Life and

Holiness in the Renewed Mind; and whence each have their Strength 524

XII. Concerning God's gathering us Home, to himself, who are a People despised

and rejected of Men, and in Scorn by them called Quakers,


XIII. A few Words concerning the Worship which our God hath taught us, 530

A Question answered concerning Reading the Scriptures Aright, - 532

A few Words to such as Complain for Want of Power,

Somewhat Relating to Church Government, &c.


' Remarks upon fome Paffages, in a late Book Entituled, “ Antichrist's Transfor-

“mations Within, &c.



Some Misreprefentations of Me concerning Church Government, &c. 565

The Seed of God, and of his Kingdom, treated and testified of according to

the Scriptures of Truth, and according to True Experience, felt in the

Heart from the God of Truth,

I, What is Hid or Wrapped up in this precious Heavenly Seed,


II. The Nature of this Seed


III. Of the Effects,

Some Queries concerning God's Kingdom, whereby the Seed thereof may be the

better Illustrated and Understood,


An Epistle to all Serious Professors of the Christian Religion,


A Reply to an Answer of some Queries, given forth by me I. P. concern-

ing the Gospel-Baptism; with Answers to some other Queries returned,

in a Paper subscribed N. B.


Epistles to Friends,


Some Queries concerning Compulsion in Religion,


Concerning the Dispensation of the Gospel, or the Dispensation of the Son in

Spirit, which is the last Dispensation,

- 665

Some Experiences which it hath Pleased the Lord to Give me, concerning his Way,

his Truth, his Church, and People, &c.

- 670

Concerning the Times and Seasons, both which have been, and which are yet to

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WHETHER They have the true, living, powerful, saving Knowledge

of CHRIST, or no?


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WITH Some Queries.concerning CHRIST, and his APPEARANCES;

his taking upon him our Flesh ; as also concerning his Flesh and Blood, and our being formed thereof, and feeding thereon.

AND An Incitation to Professors seriously to consider, whether they or we fail in

the true Acknowledgment and owning of the CHRIST which died at Jerusalem.

LIKEWISI Some Propositions and Considerations concerning the Nature of Church: Worships and Ordinances since the Death of the Apostles, for the sake of the Simplicity, which hath been long held captive therein.


WITH The Sounding of Bowels towards thee, O ENGLAND! Also a faithful Guidance to the Principle and Path of Truth.

WITH Some sensible experimental Questions and ANSWERS from the Tenth

Chapter of John.

By IS A AC PENING TON, Prisoner in AYLESBURY, who (by the Counsel of the LORD) hath chofen

rather to suffer Afliction with the despised People of God, than to enjoy the Pleasures of Sin for a Season.

Vol. II.

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