A Text-book on Applied Mechanics: Specially Arranged for the Use of Science and Art, City and Guilds of London Institute and Other Engineering Students, Band 2

Charles Griffin, 1898

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Seite 67 - Chain- Endless Rope- Comparison. Winding: Pit Frames— Pulleys— Cages— Ropes— Guides — Engines — Drums — Brakes— Counterbalancing — Expansion — Condensation — Compound Engines— Prevention of Overwinding— Catches at pit top — Changing Tubs— Tub Controllers— Signalling. Pumping : Bucket and Plunger Pumps — Supporting Pipes in Shaft — Valves — Suspended lifts for Sinking — Cornish and Bull Engines — Davey Differential Engine — Worthington Pump — Calculations...
Seite 37 - Every body continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line, except in so far as it may be compelled by impressed forces to change that state.
Seite 72 - METALLURGICAL MACHINERY: the Application of Engineering to Metallurgical Problems. By HENRY CHARLES JENKINS, Wh.Sc., ASSOC.RSM, Assoc.
Seite 60 - SHIP. BY THOMAS WALTON, NAVAL ARCHITECT. Specially arranged to suit the requirements of Ships' Officers, Shipowners, Superintendents, Draughtsmen, Engineers, and Others. This work explains, in a simple manner, such important subjects as: — Displacement. — Deadweight.— Tonnage. — Freeboard. —Moments. — Buoyancy.— Strain Structure. — Stability.— Rolling — Ballasting. — Loading. — Shifting Cargoes. — Admission of Water.— Sail Area.— &c.
Seite 54 - THE MEAN DENSITY OF THE EARTH : An Essay to which the Adams Prize was adjudged in 1893 in the University of Cambridge. By JH POYNTING, Sc.D., FRS, Late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; Professor of Physics, Birmingham University. In Large 8vo, with Bibliography, Illustrations in the Text, and Seven Lithographed Plates. 12s. 6d. " Cannot fail to be of GREAT and GENERAL INTEREST."— Athenteum.
Seite 43 - By Defective and Overloaded Safety Valves — (3) By Corrosion, Internal or External — (4) By Defective Design and Construction (Unsupported Flue Tubes ; Unstrengthened Manholes ; Defective Staying ; Strength of Rivetted Joints ; Factor of Safety) — II. CONSTRUCTION...
Seite 60 - ... It will admirably fulfil its purpose . . . useful to ship owners, ship superintendents, ship draughtsmen, and all interested in shipping." — Liverpool Journal of Commerce. " A mass of VERY USEFUL INFORMATION, accompanied by diagrams and illustrations, is given in a compact form.
Seite 56 - EDITION, Revised and Corrected. *»* Mr. Buck's Text-Book has been SPECIALLY PREPARED with a view to the New Examinations of the Board of Trade, in which Trigonometry is an obligatory subject. "This...
Seite 50 - Prof. SMITH'S CONVERSION-TABLES form the most unique and comprehensive collection ever placed before the profession. By their use much time and labour will be saved, and the chances of error in calculation diminished.
Seite 54 - Sound and its chief Characteristics.— The Velocity of Sound In Air and other Media.— Reflection and Refraction of Sound.— Frequency and Pitch of Notes.— Resonance and Forced Oscillations.— Analysis of Vibrations.— The Transverse Vibrations of Stretched Strings or Wires.— Pipes and other Air Cavities.— Rods.— Plates.

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