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In this little volume we have endeavoured to string together such Christian Lyrics as seem to us specially adapted to be the expression of home thoughts, and companions of everyday life. They embody, in gentle and musical words, thoughts and feelings which will find an echo in every Christian heart.

Mingled with many lyrics hitherto unpublished, or but little known, will be found some, the words of which have long been familiar to us all. If an excuse for this be needed, it must be found in the feeling, which we trust others will share, that—even were it not for their intrinsic beauty—they are enshrined in so many hearts, and consecrated by so many long-cherished and hallowed associations, that no collection of sacred poetry would be complete without them.

We have endeavoured, as far as possible, to print these lyrics in their original form: except in one or two instances, we have not knowingly omitted any of the verses; but should occasional incompleteness, or deviation from the true reading, be detected, it must be accounted for by the difficulty of tracing some of these pieces to their source, and to the consequent necessity of trusting to collections, the editors of which have not felt themselves bound to be equally scrupulous.

To those authors who have so willingly permitted us to insert their poems, and to Messrs. Longman and Co., who have allowed us to transfer some pieces from Lyra Germanica, we beg here to offer our deserved acknowledgments.

Should our little collection be of any service in suggesting sacred thoughts, or exciting holy feelings, we shall not regret that we have brought together, for the cheering of others' hearts, what has been such a source of joy and refreshing to our own.

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