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Seite 34 - ... Psalm, And it lay on my fevered spirit With a touch of infinite calm. It quieted pain and sorrow, Like love overcoming strife; It seemed the harmonious echo From our discordant life. It linked all perplexed meanings Into one perfect peace, And trembled away into silence As if it were loth to cease.
Seite 207 - Slowly the rays of daylight fade ; So fade within our heart, The hopes in earthly love and joy, That one by one depart : Slowly the bright stars, one by one, Within the Heavens shine ; — Give us, Oh Lord, fresh hopes in Heaven, And trust in things divine.
Seite 206 - Before thy throne, O Lord of heaven We kneel at close of day ; Look on thy children from on high, And hear us while we pray.
Seite 182 - DEAD. lOTHINGr is our own : we hold our pleasures Just a little while, ere they are fled : One by one life robs us of our treasures ; Nothing is our own except our Dead.
Seite 185 - Earth and air Find space within my heart, and myriad things You would not deign to heed are cherished there, And vibrate on its very inmost strings. I love the Summer, with her ebb and flow Of light and warmth, and music, that have...
Seite 142 - I think if thou couldst see, With thy dim mortal sight, How meanings, dark to thee, Are shadows hiding light ; Truth's efforts crossed and vexed, Life's purpose all perplexed, — If thou couldst see them right, I think that they would seem all clear, and wise, and bright. And yet thou canst not know, And yet thou canst not see ; Wisdom and sight are slow In poor humanity. If thou couldst trust, poor soul, In Him who rules the whole, Thou wouldst find peace and rest : Wisdom and sight are well, but...
Seite 187 - In tender memory of such generous praise. I love all those who love you ; all who owe Comfort to you : and I can find regret Even for those poorer hearts who once could know And once could love you, and can now forget...
Seite 188 - HE fettered Spirits linger In purgatorial pain, With penal fires effacing Their last faint earthly stain, Which Life's imperfect sorrow Had tried to cleanse in vain. Yet, on each feast of Mary Their sorrow finds release, For the Great Archangel Michael Comes down and bids it cease ; And the name of these brief respites Is called "Our Lady's Peace.
Seite 40 - ... his time was brief ; The mourner was nursing Her own pale grief ; They heard not the promise That brought relief. But fiercer the Tempest Rose than before, When. the Angel paused At a humble door, And asked for shelter And help once more. A weary woman, Pale, worn, and thin, With the brand upon her Of want and sin, Heard the Child Angel And took her in. Took her in gently, And did her best To dry her pinions ; And made her rest With tender pity Upon her breast. When the eastern morning Grew bright...
Seite 95 - It rose in harmonious rushing Of mingled voices and strings, And I tenderly laid my message On the Music's outspread wings. I heard it float farther and farther, In sound more perfect than speech ; Farther than sight can follow, Farther than soul can reach. And I know that at last my message Has passed through the golden gate : So my heart is no longer restless, And I am content to wait.

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