Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, Volumen 18


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Página 264 - And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall hiss for the fly that is in the uttermost part of the rivers of Egypt, and for the bee that is in the land of Assyria.
Página 209 - Notice of the discovery by Mr. Walter Mantell in the Middle •Island of New Zealand of a living specimen of the Notornis Mantelli, a Bird of the Rail family allied to Brachypteryx, and hitherto unknown to Naturalists except in a fossil state.
Página 265 - The head and body of the poor animal swelled up in a most distressing manner before he died; his eyes were so swollen that he could not see, and in darkness he neighed for his comrades who stood feeding beside him.
Página 263 - ... to the certain destruction of the creature. Even the elephant and rhinoceros, who, by reason of their enormous bulk, and the vast quantity of food and water they daily need, cannot shift to desert and dry places as the season may require, are obliged to roll themselves in mud or mire, which, when dry, coats them over like armour, and enables them to stand their ground against this winged assassin...
Página 266 - Life and Times of Titian, with some Account of hig Family, chiefly from new and unpublished records. With Portrait and Illustrations. 2 vols. Svo. 42s. GUMMING (R. GORDON). Five Years of a Hunter's Life in the Far Interior of South Africa.
Página 211 - Upon comparing the head of the bird with the fossil crania and mandibles, my son was at once convinced of the specific identity of the recent and fossil specimens ; and so delighted was he by the discovery of a living example of one of the supposed extinct contemporaries of the Moa, that he wrote to me and stated that the skull and beaks were alike in...
Página 210 - Notornis, which their dogs instantly pursued, and after a long chase caught alive in the gully of a sound behind Resolution Island. It ran with great speed, and upon being captured uttered loud screams, and fought and struggled violently ; it was kept alive three or four days on board the schooner and then killed, and the body roasted and ate by the crew, each partaking of the dainty, which was declared to be delicious.
Página 36 - S. testd suborbiculari; spird acuminatd, albd, radiis pallidis longitudinalibus picld, transversim liratd, inlerstitiis decussate striatis ; aperturd transversd, subovali, intns porcelland, labio subrecto, calloso. Hab. ad Insulam Lord Hood, dedicav. (Mus. Cuming.) A species somewhat resembling in colouring the striped variety of S. notata, but which differs materially in form and sculpture. MICROTIS, new genus. Animal as in Stomatia, but the foot with a deep anterior fissure for the head, and the...
Página 264 - Israelites, was a land of pasture which was not tilled or sown, because it was not overflowed by the Nile. But the land overflowed by the Nile, was the black earth of the valley of Egypt, and it was here that God confined the flies ; for, he says, it shall be a sign of this separation of the people, which he had then made, that not one fly should be seen in the sand, or...
Página 212 - Porphyrio, it doubtless enjoys the power of swimming, but would seem, from the structure of tts legs, to be more terrestrial in its habits than the members of that genus. I have carefully compared the bill of this example with that figured by Professor Owen under the name of Notornis Mantelli, and have little doubt that they are referable to one and the same species...

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