Designing Women: The Dressing Room in Eighteenth-century English Literature and Culture

Bucknell University Press, 2005 - 302 Seiten
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Dressing rooms, introduced into English domestic architecture during the seventeenth century provided elite women with imprecedented private space at home and in so doing promised them an equally unprecedented autonomy by providing a space for self-fashioning, eroticism and contemplation. Tita Chico's Designing Women argues that the dressing room becomes a powerful metaphor in late-seventeenth- and eighteenth-century literature for both progressive and conservative satirists and novelists. These writers use the trope to represent competing notions of women's independence and their objectification indicating that the dressing room occupies a central (if neglected) place in the history of private life, postmodern theories of the closet and the development of literary forms.

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Womens Private Parts The Politics and Aesthetics of the Dressing Room
The Art of Knowing Women A History of the Dressing Room
A painted woman is a dangrous thing Dressing Rooms and the Satiric Mode
The Arts of Beauty Womens Cosmetics and Popes Ekphrasis
The Epistemology of the Dressing Room Experimentation and Swift
Richardsons Closet Novels Virtue Education and the Genres of Privacy
From Maiden to Mother Dressing Rooms and the Domestic Novel
Vanity Knows No Limits in a Womans Dressing Room

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Tita Chico is Assistant Professor of English at Texas Tech University.

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