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Literary Correspondence.

VOLUME the Fifth.


Lord BOLINGBROKE. ||Mrs. ELIZA Justice,
Sir SAMUEL GARTH. Pieces of Mr. WALSH..


'LONDON: Printed for E. CURLL, at Pope's Head, in Rose-Street

Covent-Gardena M.DCC.XXXVII.

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- GentleMEN, , ,

1 | Aving, as you All know, bo-

nefly Purchased the First V/o-

1 Tlume of Mr. Pope's Literary

Correspondence of bis Agent the Re-
verend Mr. Smith; Published and paid.
my Respects to my BENEFACTOR in the
Second; Dispatched BROCADE and Tim
Lancer in the Third; and, Got rid of
the SHIFTERS in the Fourth; I now
come to give you a juft Account of the
Contents of this Fifth Volume. ..

Beside, what is here presented to

You, I bave Several other very valu-


able Originals in my Gustody, which, with these, were Transmitted to me from Ireland. And this Volume will be closed with whatever additional Letters Mr. Pope all think fit to insert in his Works in Prose, now printing in Quarto, Price a Guinea; but the Controversy between Me and Mr. Pore will never be ended till the Eyes of one of Us are closed (I mean by Death, not by Dr. Taylor) if Mine are open longest, to the last Volume of Literary. Correspondence shall be prefixed A faithful Account of Mr. Pope's Life and Writings with the true Copy of his Lajl till and Teftament, if he makes one so bad 3 1620990 TASR ordinat:21:11 PT 19 I amGentlemen, 15093

to si tibinto. TAI Bilim Iyour obliged 12 sat No 9nzly fly

, ct 5:59 1736. Indien I

side ***** Humble Servant, c; Suites i cjus chica

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