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5 His lightning rends the firmeft rocks

And pierces deep the folid ground;
The hinds affrighted feel the ihock,

And shudder at the awiul found.
6 The Lord fits fovereign on the flood,

The Thunderer reigns for ever king ;
But makes his church his blest abode,
Where we his praise fecurely fing. :
In gentler language, here the Lord
The counsels of his grace imparts ; 1
Amidst the saging storm, his word
Speaks peace and comfort to our hearts.

W:rts and Tase, united and varied.
Psalm XXX Common Metre.

Prayer beard.
ENEATH my God's protecting arm,

How did my soul rejoice!
And fondly hop'd no future harm

Would interrupt my joys.
2 Lord, 'twas thy favour fix'd my rest ;

Thy thining face withdrew,
Then troubles filld my anxious breast,

And pain’d my soul anew.
3 Again to thee, O gracious God,

I rais'd my mournful eyes ;
To thee I spread my woes abroad,

With supplicating cries.
4 What glory can my death afford,

In the dark graye confin'd?
Shall senseless duft adore the Lord,

Or call thy truth to mind?
5 Hear, O my God, in mercy hear,

Attend my plaintive cry i

Be thou, my gracious helper, near,

And bid my sorrows fly.
6 Again I hear the voice divine ;

New joys exulting bound ;
My robes of mourning I refign,

And gladness girds me round. 7 Then let my utmost glory be

To raise thy honours high, Nor let my gratitude to thee

In guilty filence die. 8 To thee, my gracious God, I raise

My thankful heart and tongue ; O be thy goodness and thy praise

My everlasting fong.



Psalm xxx.

Long Metre. [X]. Recovery from Sickness. TIRM was my health, my day was bright,

And I presum'd 'twould ne'er be night ; Fondly I faid within my heart, “ Pleasure and peace fall ne'er depart." 2 But I forgot thine arm was ftrong, Which made my mountain stand fo long; Soon as thy face began to hide, My health was gone, my comfort dy'd. 3 Corrected by a Father's rod,

I cry'd aloud to thee, my God; “ If laid in duft, can I declare « Thy truth, or fing thy goodness there? 4 “ Hear me, O God of grace," I faid, " And bring me from among the dead;" Thy word rebuk'd the pains I felt, Thy pardoning love remov'd my guilta.

5 My fad complaints in praises end,

And tears of gratitude descend ;
I throw my fackcloth on the ground,

And ease and gladness gird ne round.
6 My tongue, the glory of my frame,
Thy power and goodnefs shall proclaim ;
Thy praife shall found thro' earth and heav'n,
For fickness heal’d, and fins forgiven.


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Psalm XXXI. Common Metre. [*]

Relief from Distress.
MOME, Oye faints, your voices raise
And let the memory of his grace

Inspire your hearts and tongues.
2 His frown what mortal can fustain ?

But soon his anger dies;
His life-restoring smile again

Returns, and sorrow flies.
3 Her deepest gloom, when forrow spreads,

And light and hope depart,
His face celestial morning sheds,

And joy revives the heart.
To thee, my God, oppress’d with grief,

I breath'd my humble cry ;
Thy mercy brought divine relief,

And wip'd my weeping eye.
5 Thy, mercy chas'd the fhades of death,

And fnatch'd me from the grave ;
O may thy praise employ that breath
mercy deigns to fave.



Psalm XXXI. Leng Metre. [* or b]

Confidence in God.
ORD, in thy great, thy glorious name,

I place my hope, my only trust ;
Save me from forrow, guilt and shame,

Thou ever gracious, ever júft.
2 Thou art my Rock, thy name alone

The fortress where my hopes retreat ;
O make thy power and merey known,

To safety guide my wandering feet. 3

To thy kind hand, all gracious Lord,
My soul I cheerfully resign ;
My saviour God, I trust thy word,

For truth, immortal truth, is thine.
4 I hate their works, I hate their ways,

Who follow vanity and lies ;
But to the Lord my hopes I raise,

And trust liis power, who built the skies. $ What perfect bliss, bounteous Lord,

Immeniely great, divinely free,
Hait thou reserv'd for their reward,

Who fear thy name, and trust in thee! 6 Bleft be the loril, forever blest,

Whole mercy bids my fear remove ;
The facred walls which guard my relig

Are his almighty power and love.
✓ Ye humbla souls, who feek his face,

Let sacred courage fill your heart !
Hope in the Lord, and trust his

And he will heavenly strength impart.


pfalm xXXII. Long Metre.

The Murks of true Repentance.
E's blest whose fins have pardon gain'dy

No more in judgment to appear ;
Whose guilt remission has obtain’d,

Ard whose repentance is fincere.
2 From guile his heart and lips are free,

His humble joy, his holy fear
With deep repentance well agree,

And join to prove his faith sincere, 3 Whilft I kept silence and conceal'd

My load of guilt within my heart,
What torment did my conscience feel !

What agony of inward (mart !
4 Heavy on me thy hand remainid,

By day and night alike distrets d',
Till quite of vital moisture drain'il,

Like land with summer drought oppressid. 5 No sooner I my wound disclos'd,

The guilt that tortur’d me within ;
But thy forgiveness interpos'd,

And mercy's healing balın pour'd in, 6 For this display of sovereign grace,

In my diftrefs fo freely given,
Each humble foul will feck thy face,
And find his way to peace and heaven.

Tate and Watts, united and varied,
Olalın XXXII. Short Metre. [%]

Confession and Pardon,
BLESSED souls are they,

Whose ling are cover'i o'er,
Divinely blest, to whom the Lord

imputes their guilt no more!

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