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of the world of a truly interesting a desideratum in the present description will be overlooked. state of religious statistics Aud for the accomplishment of in Eastern India. T'hat the this object, an extensive corres work will be conducted on the pondence will be maintained. most catholic principles will But it is to the East that our at best appear from the fact, that tention will, in an especial man the list of contributors includes ner be directed—and most of all, ministers and laymen of all the PRESIDENCY OF BENGAL and denominations.' its dependant provinces ; our object being to supply as much Applications for the work to local information as can be com be made to Messrs. THACKER pressed within reasonable limits; & Co., St. Andrew's Library, and, in this way, to supply Calcutta.


THE TYPHON :-or as Horsburgh shipping and native craft, in the In. spells it tyfoong :-better tyfung, for ner Harbor. Within the narrow limthe etymology is, we believe, Chi. its of that place, it is said, as many nese; and not, as a late writer would as a hundred dead bodies have been have it, Greek. However, a Chinese washed on shore. Many European tyfoong is almost as frightful, and ships near the mouth of Canton river, certainly much more destructive, than were either partially or totally disthe fabled giant Typhon.

masted; and one Dutch vessel sunk The tempest to which we allude, entirely, almost within sight of Lin. occurred on the 3d inst. The pre tin and Macao. The Spartan, which ceding evening gave indications of was herself driven out to sea, , was its approach; the wind was from the the happy instrument of saving about northward; the thermometer stood forty of the crew. at 92, and the barometer began to This tyfung, from north to south, fall from about 29.60 or .70. How appears to have extended fully two ever, the night of the 2d passed hundred miles, and has destroyed away without much wind. At day. not only shipping and boats; but has light on the 3d. the breeze was fresh also greatly injured native temples, er; the barometer kept falling till it dwelling houses, cottages, and wat descended, by some instruments, to sheds by the river side. The foli. 28.10; and by others to 27.90; age of the trees, and leaves of plants, the lowest that we ever remember to and the very grass on the ground, -have seen or heard of it in China. all sorts of vegetation near the sea,

In 1809, when the True Briton has been blighted or burnt up. Above was lost, with all her officers, pas. Canton, at Sanshu uy discrict, a sengers and crew, the barometer fell

party of men on their way to go. to only 28.30. The gale on this vernor Le, to assist against the rebel occasion. at this and other places mountaineers, were overtaken by the more inland, was far more severe

tempest, and upwards of thirty of than that of August, 1831; it hung un. them drowned.' Great numbers of usually long to the northward, and the abodes of public women, on the at Macan did great mischief to the banks of the river at Canton, were

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blown down, and their wretched in- beautitully painted the situation and mates killed. Junks from Ilainan, the feelings of the inariner, when God Siam, and Singapore. in the neigli coinmandeth and raiseth the storiny burhood of Lintin and Macao, were wind.''which fulfills his word.” caught in the gale, and dismasted or To disregard the "operation of llis lost. In some instances, they threw hand,"and look only at second causes, overboard a great part of their cargo, is an impiety to which the scepticism and notwithstanding were lost. A of the present age is lamentably junk of 12,000 peculs, bound for A prone. It is not superstition, but true moy was driven on shore near Ca. religion, to have a constant regard to breta point, the cargo plundered and Divine Providence, even when there the vessel lost. Several war junks is nothing unusual in the course of were lost, and both officers and men events; this is the Christian's duty in some of them were drowned. An and his happiness. But when sword, officer of considerable rank named pestilence, or famine, walk the earth; Pwan Gan, was ainong the number. or when the earthquake or the temWe have heard of many passage boats pest shake the solid globe, or con. that were lost, and great numbers of vuise the surrounding atmospherepersons drowned in them. On shore “ whoso is wise will observe these at Canton, Macao, and other places, things; even they shall understand many persons were killed or wounded the lovingkindness of the Lord," by falling walls, tiles, &c.

and stand in awe of his “terrible A native heathen correspondent majesty." calls this tysung, a tempest-angel. sent The prophets of the Old Testament from heaven, in anger: for the an are very copious on the dispensacient books have said,

tions of Divine Providence in respect

to physical occurrences, to the end Jin tso shen, Teën keäng ke tseäng; that, when God's “judgments are Tso pul shen, Teën keång ke yang. abroad in the earth, the inhabitants

thereof should learn righteousness.” If men do what is virtuous, But the prophets also lament the

Heaven sends down prosperity: blindness of understanding, and the If they do what is not virtuous, hardness of heart, of many in their Heaven sends down calamity. day; some of whom simply disre.

garded, others scoffed at, and some He describes the tiles of houses as even defied the judgments of the ying without wings; the walls fall- Almighty; till the day of their reng; however strong; trees felled pentance was past, and God rained without the application of an axe ; upon them “fire and brimstone, and and man dying without disease ; an horrible tempest.”—This was the what crime, he exclaims, had these portion of their cup; and this will be men committed that Heaven should The portion of all those who “

forget indict such punishment !

God.” That the Almighty Creator of the Having said so much on this subuniverse regulates all its physical ject, we will only once more reagencies, and causes them to operate monstrate against the idea of defereither for "correction or for mercy, ring religion till a fortune is accumuto human beings, is abundantly taught lated, and the individual shall return by divine revelation. There is a in affluence to his home. We have fulness and clearness of expression, known some who have avowedly acton this subject in the Holy Scrip ed on this principle; than which, it tures, which is in general, too much is difficult to conceive one disregarded. Our Savior has indeed fallacious. It is like the resolution taught us, not to point the bolts of the which is formed in many a mind, to Alinighty, nor to imagine that those sin on, and repent afterwards. One who actually suffer in the niidst of might say much on the unreasonablegeneral calamities, are sinners above ness, ingratitude, impiety, and mockothers who are spared. But he has ery implied in snch a course ;- but at the same time taught us, that we at present, from passing occurrences, are all sinners, and unless we repent we notice only the futility of it, in we also shall perish.

respect to the very thing aimed at The unknown writer of Ps cvit has the accumulation of property



a man be as assiduolis as he pleases; to the discernment of mathematical rise up early, sit up latr; what truth. On moral subjects, the case is does it all avail. if as the prophet perfectly different.--a man's will influsays,

The Lord blow upon it, ences his tastes and wishes; and these it he raise il tenpest and sink the again his belief. A man in whose heart ship,if after “much has been sowo, there is enmity against God, would he stay the heaven froin dew, and rather believe the less probability athe earth from fruit,"'-if he "call for gainst religion, than the greater for it. a drought upon the land," the corn, While we maintain that we are all the grape, the oil,-upon men, and responsible to God for our religious beupon cattle, and upon all their lahor; liet'; we maintain with equal firmness

-- what does the assiduity of the mer that no ınan has a right to perse. chant or the husbandman amonnt cute another, on account of his re. 10) ? Simply to this,--He "thai carn ligious opinions; and that every man eth wages," or makes large profits, has a right to vindicate by statement, only does so tu "prut them into a hag explanation and arguinent the reliwith holes."

gious opinions he holds to be true. Thoughts similar to these were dic. It is on this principle we have given lated to the prophet Haggai more our opinion in favor of a special than two thousand years ago, when regard to Divine Providence, even every one attended to the grandeur in the physical phenomena of our of his own house, and let the house atmosphere. of God “lie waste:' and they are equally applicable now, we believe, to REBELLION.- What is to be the isthose, who defer religion till they sue of the rebellion, it is not easy to have accumulated a fortune. We conjecture. Though a small numsay this is our belief, for which, we her of marines have returned, the think we have suficient reason; that governor still continues to increase is, we deem the probabilities, on this bis force a small detachment left side of the question, greatly pre

Canton for Leënchow on the 28th ponderate. Our belief is a matter of inst. The whole number of govern. choice, as well as conviction. Those

ment troops now in the field is said who choose to disbelieve a Providence to be 15,000 fighting men. may demand of us mathematical The latest accounts state, that 13,000 demonstration, for the truth of these of these troups have been ordered to our opinions; but we candidly pro enter the enemy's territory. It is sup. fess our inability to give it. And posed by some, that governor Le is

sure they cannot give us resolved on extreme measures-10 mathematical proof of their opinions. gain victory or death. His situation They choose to believe the other is certainly most critical. way.

Therefore, as we have said The dispatches of the governor, before, they and we are both respon detailing the repulse of the imperial sible to the Deity for our belief. We troops on the 20th June, were noticed put the reason in other words; the in our last. We have seen the embahits and wishes of a man whether peror's reply. His majesty goes over virtuous or vicious, pious or impious, the whole of his excellency's report. influence at all times his moral and The first impression on the mind religious belief. This sort of belief is of the sovereign was full-hearted, not at all analogous to the assent hounding anger." The second was the mind gives to a mathematical contempi for the military tactics of the demonstration, a problem about lines, governor. The “ words that burn". angles, &c., which being demonstra “lies, faulty, nonsense,” all come in ted, there is neither belief nor dis succession, red-hot, from the pencil of belief. If it be truly demonstrated, the autocrat. The state document it is equal to an axiom; and all who closes with threats addressed to our understand the subject assent to its worthy governor, that if he does not truth: and vice versa. An indivi. speedily root out every sprout of dual may be ignorant, or stupid mountaineer radicalism, let him look enough not to perceive the demon. to the consequences the “heavy stration: hut he incurs no moral re guill" which he will incur. The closing sponsibility: he does not sin, although sentences are phrased in the strongest be is convicted of being incompetent expression of governinental displeas



ure, bidding the cabinet minister be wealthy individuals in the country, tremblingly attentive.

and then deinand a ransom for them,

There has long been a class of boats Opium.-It is cominonly reported called crab boats; these new ones are that when governor Le visited Pt called muscle-shell boats. king last year, his son took with hiin a quantity of opium, some thousands FAMINE.—'The heolae or literary of dollars' worih, to give away to the chancellor has lately returned from great inen about the court. As a a circuit through the eastern districts governor's baggage is not searched of this province. When in the departthere was no fear of detection. The ment of Hwuychow foo superintendopium dealer who supplied his ex ing the literary examination there, he cellency's son with the drug, cheated was affected by the farine which prehim by putting up one half of it of vailed around him; and set on foot a a very bad quality. On the go. subscription, to which he himself gave vernor's return, it was his intention 800 taels. The wealthy inbabitants to punish the offender, vot for puts of the place followed up his example, ting up bad opium, but for dealing in and subscribed among them above it at all. However, the culprit heard 22,000 dollars. Chancellor Le did what was coming, and absconded inore: he persuaded the chief magiswith the fruit of his fraud.

trates to open the public graparies ; Whether this story be true or false, offering to bear the expense of l'eit is believed by many. But under funding, in case the measure was such circumstances, what respect can objected to by the governor. Le Taethe people have for laws and edicts, keaou is considered by the Chieinanating from those who so fla nese of noble family, his ancestors grantly violate the rules which they for several generations having held make for others!


REVENUE.--The emperor has is.

CHINESE JUSTICE.-The gentry of sued a rather severe edict, addressed Heängshan have petitioned the foo. to the governors of provinces, re. yuen against their magistrate Paou, quiring them to look more sharply af. his remissness having suffered numter the revenue. His majesty says, bers of associated banditti and pirates that the superintendent of the leve to infest the island and rivers. The uue has reported to him, that within magistrate has therefore been requirthe last year and a liulf, the disburse ed to bring five hundred of these ments have exceeded the receipts 10 persons to trial, within two mouths; the amount of above twenty-eight mil and the people plundered by them lions of taels. There is yet enough are set at work to catch them, at their for the present, says his majesty ; own expense. but this system cannot last long.

One million of taels has been de. SLAVERY.-By the Peking Gazette, posited in the treasury of Kansuh we learn that an officer of rank, who province, for immediate use in the has been accused, by the governor event of disturbances on the westers of Hoonan and Hoopih, of coming frontier.

too late against the rebels, has been

consigned to the pillory and perpeSTRANGULATION.-A recent Gazette tual slavery. announces the sentence of strangulation against a wife, for killing her IMPERIAL JOURNEY.

His majesty bushand by mischance, whilst resist went early in the year to visit the ing an adulterer, introduced by the tombs of his ancestors in Leaoutung. husband.

On the day fixed for his return to Pe.

king, the greater number of the lords Piracy is saiờ to be very preva.

and high officers about court, were lent in some parts of Canton pro directed to appear in half dress only, vince. A new class of boats, carry and to meet the imperial carriage at a ing sixty or seventy men, has been much less distance from the city than set agoing. There are twerity of is usual on such occasions. Others these boats in conjunction with each were to go, the day previously to the other; they sometimes carry off !sual place of meeling

army there.

WASTE LAND.-There are in the EAST TURKESTAN.-Al ¥arkand, or province of Chihle, 80.000 king, or Yerkiang,-(the latter is the more cor8,000,000 Chinese acres of waste land: rect pronunciation of the same), 12,600 which the underlings of office continue sacks, to be made of Mohammedar to turn to their own advantage ; and cloth, are ordered for the use of the thereby hinder its being cultivated for

It should be remem. the benefit of the people. The governor bered. that Yerkiang is now the capiof Chihle is ordered, by the emperor tal of Turkestan, in place of Cashgar. lo sel honestly to work, and remedy the existing evils.

A DARK PICTURE.-Woo Yungchaou,

has suffered death for the murder of THE COACHMEN who bring their his wife, a daughter about the age masters to the public court at Peking of fifteen, and a neighbor's daughter have of late, become very trouble whom he found in his house. The some. They are probably most of illicit intercourse of his wife with them huckney coachmen, as they have an adulterer, who made his escape, recourse to violence to enforce their led to this catastrophe. exactions. It has moreover been re. Had he murdered his wife only, presented to the emperor, that they he would probably have escaped puhave a good deal of intercourse with nishment; but he killed the two young the servants of officers, and the nu women also, and then accused a merous body of writers in the vari

neighbor, named Amei, of robbery ous courts. This intercourse his ma and murder. Amei was tortured till jesty has strictly interdicted for the be confessed that of which he was future.

entirely innocent; and, at the dicta

tion of the police, mentioned the SACRIFICES at the public expense name of a wealthy neighbor as an are to be offered at the tombs of a accomplice. The rich man paid mon. Tartar prince and princess lately ey to arrest proceedings; and Amei deceased.

passed through the court of Shinning

district, and the Kwangchow foo's TANKA BOATS.— The local govern office as a murderer. Providence, inent is carrying the detail of licens. however, did not let him suffer death. ing, even to the petty tanka boats, The Nanhae magistrate discovered which contain no more than three the fact; liberated Amei, and brought or four poor women and children. Woo Yungchaou to his deserved fate. This measure is adopted, it is said, with a view to prevent coasting pi THE MURDER OF A PRIEST.-This af. rates. This is “ doing something fair took place on the 27th inst. at one with a witness.

of the temples, situated without the

western gates of the city, and not far NATIVE JUNKS.-Several of these from the foreign factories. The murvessels, wholly or partially dismasted, derer, as well as the murdered man, arrived from Siam soon after the was a priest of Budha. The only cirtyfoon. They report the foundering cumstances of the case which we have of a large junk a few days before heard are, that the quarrel originated they arrived. The estimated number in a dispute about some money, and of seamen who perished was 82. that the parties fought with knives.

Postscript.-Ching Gantsib and Hing Fuhshan, literary examiners from Pe. king arrived in the neighborbood of Canton a few days ago; ou the 1st of the 8th moon (the 26th inst.) they came to the provincial city, and yestesday vi. sited the Kung-yuenea hall for the reception of literary graduates at the usual examination.

More than sir thousand candidates we are informed, have already arrived in the city, of whom only seventy-tido can receive degrees. The examination is to commence on the 8th of the 8th moon (Sept. 2d) and continue nine days,

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