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Children's Hymns. 3 O Thou, whose infant feet were found

Within thy Father's shrine!
Whose years, with changeless virtue crown'd,

Were all alike Divine!
Dependent on thy bounteous breath,

We seek thy grace alone,
In childhood, manhood, age, and death,

To keep us still thine own!



The blessed home.

Job iii, 17.

Rev. xxii, 5.

1 WE WILL not weep as others do,

Though pain and toil attend us here; We have a blessed home in view,

To faith's bright eye, how calm, how clear! A blessed home, where all is pure, A home from every storm sècure.

2 The weary there shall sweetly rest,

Far from the very thought of ill; The wicked shall not there molest,

But every jarring sound be still; The day shall never know a night, Nor shadow dim the living light.

Children's Hymns.
3 And many a gentle lamb is there,

Who loved the Shepherd's voice below,
And now beneath his heavenly care

Is far removed from want and woe: Then we, though poor and young, may try

To win that home beyond the sky. 4 Yes, welcome toil, and loss, and pain,

If these our Father should assign!
Lord ! we will count them all but gain,

So we may reach that home of thine:
O glorious hope! through life's dark road
It lights us onward to our God!


Praise for Christian instruction.

2 Tim. iii, 15.
1 COME, let our voice ascend

In one glad song of praise;
To God, the God of love,

Our grateful hearts we raise:
To God alone the praise belongs;

He claims our earliest, latest songs. 2 Now we are taught to read

The book of life divine;
Where our Redeemer's love

And brightest glories shine.
To God alone the praise is due,
Who sends his word to us and you.

Children's Hymns. 3 Within these hallow'd walls

Our wand'ring feet are brought;
Where prayer and praise ascend,

And heavenly truths are taught.
To God alone your praises bring;

Let young and old his praises sing. 4 Lord! bid this work of love

Be crown'd with great success;
May thousands, yet unborn,
Thy sovereign mercy bless.
Thus shall the praise resound to Thee

In time and to eternity. 409

C. M. Christian children's prayer.

1 Sam. ii, 26. John xxi, 15.
1 Thy throne, O God! in righteousness

For ever shall endure;
We bow before it; deign to bless

The children of the poor.
2 Thy wisdom fix'd our lowly birth,

Yet we thy goodness share;
Still make us, while we dwell on earth,

The children of thy care.
3 Thou art our Shepherd, glorious God!

Thy little flock behold;
And guide us by thy staff and rod,

The children of thy fold.

Children's Hymns.
4 We praise thy Name, that we are brought

To this thy holy place;
That we are watch'd, and warn’d, and taught,

The children of thy grace.
5 Oh! may our friends, thy servants here,

Meet all our souls above;
And they and we in heav'n appear,

The children of thy love.


P. M,
The joyful meeting in heaven.
Isa. xxxv, 10. John xvi, 33. 2 Cor. iv, 14.
1 HERE we suffer grief and pain;

Here we meet to part again;
In heaven we part no more.

Oh! that will be joyful!

Joyful! joyful! joyful!

Oh! that will be joyful, When we meet to part no more! 2 All, who love the Lord below,

When they die to heaven will go,
And sing with saints above.

Oh! that will be joyful! &c. 3 Little children will be there,

Who have sought the Lord by prayer,
From every Sunday-school.

Oh! that will be joyful! &c.

Children's Hymns. 4[Teachers too shall meet above, And our pastors, whom we love, Shall meet to part no more.

Oh! that will be joyful! &c.] 5 Oh! how happy we shall be,

For our Saviour we shall see,
Exalted on his throne!

Oh! that will be joyful! &c. 6 There we all shall meet with joy,

And eternity employ
In praising Christ the Lord.

Oh! that will be joyful! &c.


P. M. Holiness becoming the worship of God.

Ex. xxviii, 36. Ps. xciii, 5. Heb. xii, 14. 1 WHEN children sing Jehovah's praise,

Solemn should be the notes they raise;
Each look, each thought, and every word,
Be “Holiness unto the Lord.”

Holy, holy, holy, holy is our God.
2 When children bow the knee in prayer,

The great, the holy God is there;
Then should not every thought and word
Be “ Holiness unto the Lord ?”

Holy, holy, holy, holy is our God.

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