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Children's Hymns. 404

L. M. The dew-drops of the Word. Deut. xxxii, 2. Isa. Iv, 10, 11. Matt. xi, 25.

1 How gently in night's silent hours

The dew distils upon the flowers !
How softly on the grass new-mown
The crystal drops of rain are strown !

2 But gentler, softer, falls thy word

On childhood's tender heart, O Lord !
Making the germs of grace appear

Like snowdrops in the op'ning year. 3 Its light, reveal'd to infant eyes,

Is darkness to the worldly wise;
We know, we feel the Bible true,
For it has made our hearts anew.

4 More precious than Peruvian ore,

Dearer than all earth's fading lore-
Take what you will from helpless youth,
But lea oh! leave the word of truth!

5 The proud may scorn, the vain may sneer,

But neither shame, nor fraud, nor fear,
Nor threat of man, nor hell's device,
Shall rob us of this pearl of price.

Children's Hymns.


8. 7. 4.

Christ's lambs blessed for ever.

Isa. xlv, 19.

John x 28.

1 THEY are bless'd, and bless'd for ever,

Who, in childhood's early day, Seek the care of Him, who never Turns the seeking soul away:

Blessed Jesus!

We would love Him
Better e'en than angels do.

2 They, the world's temptations scorning,

Follow after Christ the Lord,
Who, in youth's delightful morning,
Yield themselves unto the Lord:

Blessed Jesus !

We would love Him
Better s'en than angels do.

3 He, their Shepherd and their Saviour

Will with eyes of love behold, And regard with kindred farour Every lamb within his fold:

Blessed Jesus!

We would love Him
Better e'en than angels do.

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Children's Hymns.
4 He will in his bosom cherish

Those who follow his commands;
They shall never, never perish;
None shall pluck them from his hands:

Blessed Jesus !

We would love Him
Better e'en than angels do.


D. C. M. Childhood a fading flower.

Job xiv, 2. Eccles. xi, 10. 1 BY COOL Siloam's shady rill

How sweet the lily grows!
How sweet the breath beneath the hill

Of Sharon's dewy rose!
Lo! such the child, whose early feet

The paths of peace have trod;
Whose secret heart, with influence sweet,

Is upward drawn to God! 2 By cool Siloam's shady rill

The lily must decay;
The rose that blooms beneath the hill

Must shortly fade away:
And soon, too soon, the wintry hour

Of man's maturer age
Will shake the soul with sorrow's power,

And stormy passion's rage!

Children's Hymns. 3 0 Thou, whose infant feet were found

Within thy Father's shrine!
Whose years, with changeless virtue crown'd,

Were all alike Divine!
Dependent on thy bounteous breath,

We seek thy grace alone,
In childhood, manhood, age, and death,

To keep us still thine own!



The blessed home.

Job iii, 17.

Rev. xxii, 5.

1 WE WILL not weep as others do,

Though pain and toil attend us here; We have a blessed home in view,

To faith's bright eye, how calm, how clear! A blessed home, where all is pure, A home from every storm secure.

2 The weary there shall sweetly rest,

Far from the very thought of ill; The wicked shall not there molest,

But every jarring sound be still; The day shall never know a night, Nor shadow dim the living light.

Children's Hymns.
3 And many a gentle lamb is there,

Who loved the Shepherd's voice below,
And now beneath his heavenly care

Is far removed from want and woe:
Then we, though poor and young, may try

To win that home beyond the sky.
4 Yes, welcome toil, and loss, and pain,

If these our Father should assign!
Lord ! we will count them all but gain,

So we may reach that home of thine:
O glorious hope! through life's dark road
It lights us onward to our God!


Praise for Christian instruction.

2 Tim. iii, 15.
1 COME, let our voice ascend

In one glad song of praise;
To God, the God of love,

Our grateful hearts we raise:
To God alone the praise belongs;

He claims our earliest, latest songs.

Now we are taught to read
The book of life divine;
Where our Redeemer's love

And brightest glories shine.
To God alone the praise is due,
Who sends his word to us and you.

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