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to the Heathen.


Mercy proclaimed to a ruined world.
Isa. xliii, 5, 6. Ezek. Xxxvii, 9. Mal. iv, 2.
I COME, Thou mighty King of kings!

Rise with healing in thy wings;
Bare thine arm, and ride on high,

Glorious in thy majesty!
2 Thou hast mercy still in store

E'en for India's coral shore;
Afric's sable sons shall know

Thou hast mercy to bestow.
3 North and south and east and west,

All, are waiting to be blest;
Come and bless them, Prince of peace!

Give their fetter'd souls release.
4[Where the Moslem's crescents wave,
Manifest thy power to save;
Plant thy blood-stain'd banner, Lord!

Conqu’ring by thy Spirit's sword.] 5 Thus shall earth's extended frame

Swell the trophies of thy name,
And redeemed souls confess:

Jesus is our Righteousness.
6 Saviour! send thy Spirit down;

By his work thy pleasure crown:
If He breathe not on the slain,
All our efforts are in vain.


C. M.
Christian sympathy.
Ruth ii, 16, 18. John xiii, 84. Rom. xii, 16.
1 FATHER of mercies ! send thy grace

All-powerful from above
To form in our obedient souls

The image of thy love.

2 Oh! may our sympathising breast

That gen'rous pleasure know,
Freely to share in others' joy,

And weep for others' woe.

3 Whene'er the helpless sons of grief

In low distress are laid,
Soft be our hearts their pains to feel,

And swift our hands to aid.

A So Jesus look'd on dying men,

Enthroned above the skies;
And, when He saw their lost estate,

Felt his compassion rise.

3 Since Christ, to save our guilty souls,

On wings of mercy flew,
We, whom the Saviour thus hath lov’d,

Should love each other too.


Bearing each other's burdens.
Prov. xix, 17. Acts xx, 35. 2 Cor. ix, 6.
1 HELP us, O Lord! thy yoke to wear,

Delighting in thy perfect will,
Gladly each other's woes to bear,

And thus thy law of love fulfil.
2[He, that hath pity on the poor,
Lendeth his substance to the Lord;
And lo! his recompense is sure;

For more than all shall be restor'd.] 3 Who sparingly his seed bestows,

He sparingly shall also reap;
But whoso plentifully sows,

The plenteous sheaves his hand shall heap. 4[Teach us with glad and grateful heart, As Thou hast bless'd our various store, From our abundance to impart

A liberal portion to the poor.] 5 To Thee our all devoted be,

In whom we breathe, and move, and live:
Freely we have received from Thee;

Freely may we rejoice to give.
6 And while we thus obey thy word,

And ev'ry call of want relieve,
Oh! may we find it, gracious Lord !
More bless'd to give, than to receive.

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1 BlEst is the man, whose soft'ning heart

Feels all another's pain,
To whom the supplicating eye

Is never raised in vain:

2 Whose breast expands with gen'rons warmth

A brother's woes to feel,
And bleeds with pity o'er the wound,

It wants the power to heal.

3 He spreads his kind supporting arms

To every child of grief;
His secret bounty largely flows,

And brings, unask'd, relief.

4 To him protection shall be shown;

And mercy from above Descend on those, who thus fulfil

The perfect law of love.

Children's Hymns.



Youthful travellers to Zion.

Prov. ii, 10, 11.. 3 John 4.

i God of mercy, throned on high!

Listen from thy lofty seat;
Hear, O hear, our feeble cry;

Guide, V guide, our wandering feet! 2 Young and erring travellers, we

All our dangers do not know;
Scarcely fear the stormy sea;

Hardly feel the tempest blow.

3 Jesus, Lover of the young!

Cleanse us with thy blood divine;
Ere the tide of sin grow strong,

Save us, keep us, make us thine.

4 Let us ever hear thy voice,

Ask thy counsel every day;
Saints and angels will rejoice

If we walk in wisdom's way.

5 Saviour give us faith, and pour

Hope and love on every soul
Hope, till time shall be no more;

Love, while endless ages roll,

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