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2 There is a world above,

Where parting is unknown-
A long eternity of love,

Form'd for the saints alone:
And faith beholds the dying here
Translated to that glorious sphere.


Thus star by star declines,

Till all are pass'd away;
As morning high and higher shines

To pure and perfect day:
Nor sink those stars in empty night,
But hide themselves in heaven's own light.

8. 8. 6.

Ember Weeks.

Prayer for ministers.
Matt. xxv, 21. 2 Thess. iii, 1.

1 LORD of the church! we humbly pray
For those, who guide us in thy way, .

And speak thy holy word;
With love divine their hearts inspire,
And touch their lips with hallow'd fire,

And needful grace afford.

2 Help them to preach the truth of God;
Redemption through the Saviour's blood:

Nor let the Spirit cease
On all the church his gifts to shower-
To them, a Messenger of power;

To us, of life and peace. 3 So may they live to Thee alone; Then hear the welcome word-Well done!

And take their crown above; Enter into their Master's joy, And all eternity employ

In peace, and bliss, and love.


L. M. Pleading for those who plead for God

2 Cor. ii, 16. Eph. vi, 18-20.
1 FATHER of mercies! bow thine ear,

Attentive to our earnest prayer;
We plead for those who plead for Thee;

Successful pleaders may they be! 2 How great their work! how vast their charge!

Do Thou their anxious souls enlarge;
To them thy sacred truth reveal,
Suppress their fear, inflame their zoal,

3 Teach them to sow the precious seed;

Teach them thy chosen flock to feed;
Teach them immortal souls to gain-

Souls that will well reward their pain. 4 Let thronging multitudes around

Hear from their lips the joyful sound;
In humble strains thy grace implore,

And feel thy new-creating power.
5 Let sinners break their massive chains,

Distressed souls forget their pains;
Let light through distant realms be spread,
And Zion rear her drooping head.

Missions at Home. 388

8. 7.7. The gospel-trumpet. Ps. lxxxix, 15. Isa. xxvii, 13. 2 Cor. iv, 13. 1 HARK! the solemn trumpet sounding

Loud proclaims the jubilee;
'Tis the voice of grace abounding,

Grace to sinners, rich and free:
Ye, who know the joyful sound,
Publish it to all around.

2 Is the name of Jesus precious ?

Does his love your spirits cheer?'
Do you find Him kind and gracious,

Still removing doubt and fear?
Think how many still are found

Strangers to the joyful sound.
3 Brethren! join in supplication,

Join to plead before the Lord;
'Tis his arm that brings salvation;

He alone can give the word:
Father! let thy kingdom come;

Bring thy wand'ring outcasts home. 4 Brethren! let us freely offer;

All we have is from above:
Let us give, and act, and suffer:

What is this to Jesu's love?
Did He die our souls to save?

His we are and all we have.
Missions to the Colonies.

6-8's. Care for the souls of our scattered fellow-countrymen.

Acts xvi, 12, 13. Philem. 15. 1 Pet. iv, 10. 1 CHURCHES of Christ, by God's right hand

Thick planted in this favour'd land,
If to your hearts his word be dear,
O think of those who pine to hear,
Far from their native shores exil'd,
A pastor's voice amid the wild !

to the Colonies.
2 O let a voice of comfort bless

The lone and rugged wilderness!
Send faithful shepherds forth to feed
The scatter'd wand'rers in their need:
Straight paths for feeble knees prepare,

And drooping hands sustain by prayer. 3 The heathen, who in darkness lay,

Wake to the dawn of heavenly day;
But shall a worse than pagan night
O'ertake the race that dwelt in light,
And Britain's God to Britons, thrown

On distant shores, become unknown?
4 Great Shepherd of the ransom'd seed !

For thy dispersed ones we plead:
How shall these multitudes be fed ?
'Tis thine to multiply the bread:
Richly hast Thou our wants supplied;
By us for them, for all, provide.

Missions to the Jews. 390

L. M.
The severed olive-branch.
Zech, xii, 10. Rom. xi, 23. 2 Cor. iii, 14-16.
1 GREAT God of Abraham! hear our prayer;

Let Abraham's seed thy mercy share;
Oh! may they now at length return,
And look on Him they pierced, and mourn.

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