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2 On this glad day a brighter scene

Of glory was display'd,
Than when by God, th' eternal Word,

The universe was made.

3 He rises, who our pardon bought

With grief and pain extreme; 'Twas great to speak a world from nought;

'Twas greater to redeem.
4 In psalms and hymns we would proclaim

The triumphs of thy grace;
Oft tell the wonders of thy name,

And all thy love retrace.
5 Exalted on thy radiant throne,

Accept our grateful songs;
Be Thou our theme, and Thou alone!

Our all to Thee belongs.

S. M.


Sabbath-evening reflections.

Jer. viii, 20. Luke xix, 20.
The light of Sabbath-eve

Is fading fast away;
Oh! then what record will it leave

To crown the closing day?


2 Is it a Sabbath spent

Fruitless and vain and void ?
Or have these blessed moments lent

Been piously employed?
3 How dreadful and how drear,

In yon dark world of pain, Will many a Sabbath lost appear,

Which cannot come again! 4 Oh! in that hopeless place,

How will the sinner say:-
I had those precious hours of grace,

Yet cast them all away!
5 Lord of these Sabbath-hours !

Oh! may we never dare
To waste in sinful thoughts of ours

These sacred days of prayer!


Public Worship.

The church-service.
2 Cor. V, 20. Heb. iv, 14-16; x, 19-25.
1 IN THY presence we appear;

Lord ! we love to worship here,
When within the veil we meet
Christ upon the mercy-seat.

2 While thy glorious Name is sung,

Touch our lips, unloose our tongue,
That our joyful souls may bless
Thee, the Lord our Righteousness.

3 While the prayers of saints ascend,

God of love! to ours attend;
Hear us, for thy Spirit pleads;
Hear, for Jesus intercedes.

4 While thy word is read, with awe

May we tremble at thy law,
Till thy gospel's wondrous love
Every doubt and fear remove.

5 While thy ministers proclaim

Peace and pardon through thy Name,
In their voices may we own
Jesus speaking from his throne.

6[From thine house when we return,
May our hearts within us burn;
And at evening let us say: -
We have walk'd with God to-day.]


D, C. M.
Spiritual worship.

John iv, 23. I Cor. xiv, 15.
I LORD! when we bend before thy throne,

And our confessions pour,
Teach us to feel the sins we own,

And shun what we deplore:
Our broken spirits pitying see;

True penitence impart;
Then let a healing ray from Thee

Beam hope upon the heart.
2[When our responsive tongues essay

Their grateful hymns to raise,
Grant that our souls may join the lay,

And rise to Thee in praise:
Then on thy glories while we dwell,

Thy mercies we'll review;
Till love divine transported tell,

Our God's our Father too.]
3 When we disclose our wants in pray'r,

May we our wills resign;
And not a thought our bosoms sh

That is not wholly thine:
Let faith each weak petition fill,

And waft it to the skies;
And teach our hearts, 'tis goodness still

That grants it, or denies.



8. 8. 6. Praising God in concert with the angels.

Isa. vi, 1-3. 2 Cor. iii, 14, 18.

1 Thou God of power and God of love,
Whose glory fills the realms above,

Whose praise archangels sing,
And veil their faces, while they cry,
Thrice holy! to their God Most High,

Thrice holy! to their King!

2 Thee as our God we too would claim,
And bless the Saviour's precious name,

Through whom this grace is giv'n;
Who bore the curse to sinners due,
Who form'd our ruin'd souls anew,

And makes us heirs of heav'n.

3 The veil that hides thy glory rend,
And here in saving power descend,

And fix thy blest abode;
Here to each heart Thyself reveal,
And all who enter cause to feel

The presence of our God.

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