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4 E'en rebels shall partake thy grace,

And humble proselytes repair
To worship at thy dwelling-place,

And all the world pay homage there.
5 For benefits each day bestow'd,

Be daily his great Name ador'd ;
Who is our Saviour and our God,
Of life and death the sov'reign Lord.



C. M. Reliance on God's care. i My God, my everlasting hope,

I live upon thy truth ;
Thy hands have held my childhood up,

And strengthen’d all my youth. 2 Still has my life new wonders seen

Repeated ev'ry year ;
Behold my days, that yet remain,

I trust them to thy care.
3 Cast me not off when strength declines,

When hoary hairs arise ;
And round me let thy glories shine,

Whene'er thy servant dies.
4 Then in the histry of my age,

When men review my days,
They'll read thy love in every page,

In every line thy praise.



L. M.

I JESUS shall reign where'er the sun

Doth his successive journeys run ;
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore,

Till moons shall wax and wane no more. 2 To Him shall endless prayer be made,

And princes throng to crown his head ;
His name like sweet perfume shall rise,

With every morning sacrifice.
3[People and realms of every tongue
Dwell on his love with sweetest song ;
And infant voices shall proclaim

Their early blessings on his name.]
4 Blessings abound where'er He reigns ;

The pris'ner leaps to lose his chains ;
The weary find eternal rest;

And all the sons of want are blest.
5[Where He displays his healing power,
Death and the curse are known no more ;
In Him the sons of Adam boast

More blessings than their father lost.] 6 Let every creature rise and bring

Peculiar honours to our King ;
Angels descend with songs again,
And earth repeat the loud Amen.


7. 6.


1 Hail to the Lord's anointed !

Great David's greater Son!
Hail, in the time appointed,

His reign on earth begun!
He comes to break oppression,

To set the captive free,
To take away transgression,

And rule in equity.

2 Arabia's desert-ranger

To Him shall bow the knee;
The Ethiopian stranger

His glory come to see:
With off'rings of devotion,

Ships from the isles shall meet
To pour the wealth of ocean

In tribute at his feet.

3 Kings shall fall down before Him,

And gold and incense bring ;
All nations shall adore Him,

His praise all people sing :
For He shall have dominion

O’er river, sea, and shore,
Far as the eagle's pinion,

Or dove's light wing can soar.

4 To Him shall prayer unceasing,

And daily vows, ascend ;
His kingdom still increasing-

A kingdom without end :
O’er ev'ry foe victorious,

He on his throne shall rest,
From age to age more glorious,

All-blessing and all-blest.


C. M. God longed for in his house. 1 O God of hosts, the mighty Lord,

How lovely is the place,
Where Thou, enthron'd in glory, shew'st

The brightness of thy face!
2 My longing soul faints with desire

To view thy blest abode;
My panting heart and flesh cry out

For Thee, the living God.
3 Thrice happy they, whose choice has Thee

Their sure protection made; Who long to tread the sacred ways

That to thy dwelling lead !
4 For in thy courts one single day

"Tis better to attend,
Than, Lord, in any place besides

A thousand days to spend.

5[For God, who is our sun and shield,

Will grace and glory give;
And no good thing will He withhold

From them that justly live.]
6[Thou God, whom heav'nly hosts obey,

How highly blest is he,
Whose hope and trust, securely plac'd,

Is still repos’d on Thee!] 90

C. M. The eternal God our refuge. 1 o 'God, our help in ages past,

Our hope for years to come,
Our shelter from the stormy blast,

And our eternal home!
2 Under the shadow of thy throne

Thy saints have dwelt secure :
Sufficient is thine arm alone,

And our defence is sure.
3 Before the hills in order stood,

Or earth receiv'd her frame,
From everlasting Thou art God;

To endless years the same. 4[A thousand ages in thy sight

Are like an ev’ning gone ;
Short as the watch that ends the night,

Before the rising sun.]


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