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During the summer of 2012 I visited the Aegean island of Santorini. Its awe inspiring topography, peculiar geology, volcanic nature and proximity to Athens caused me to think of Plato’s reference to Atlantis in his dialogues Timaios and Kritias which I had read more than once in the past. After spending many hours at the museum in Fira, the island’s capital, as well at Akrotiri, the uncovered bronze- age settlement on the island, and after seen all the impressive exhibits there, I decided that I should do a thorough research on the legend of Atlantis. The result of that research is the present book whose conclusions are based on Plato’s texts in conjunction with geographical, geological and archeological data. This book is devoted to all those who look for the discovery of truth through logical reasoning and tangible evidence.

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Kernel of Truth
Challenges Regarding Atlantis Aegean Location
AtlantisPlatos Philosophopolitical Dogma

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