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For the convenience of superintendents and teachers, the metres and names of tunes have been annexed to the Hymns. The tunes, generally, are such as are in common use, and may be found in the Juvenile Psalmist, by Lowel Mason, Esq.; the Handel and Haydn, and Bridgewater Collections; and the Sunday School Singing Book, recently published by Mr. George Kingsley. The reference to the latter is by the initials S. S. S. B., and the page on which the tune may be found.

The compiler does not flatter himself that he has attained to the highest standard in the little offering which he now makes to the cause of Sunday Schools; but if it shall serve, in some feeble measure, to supply an existing want,—to promote a deep, but cheerful piety among the pupils of our Sunday Schools, and lead the way to a more perfect compilation hereafter, the object of his labors and hopes will be most fully accomplished.

In offering the second edition of this little work, the Compiler is compelled to express the gratitude he feels for the favor with which it has been received. In accordance with some kind suggestions, a Table of First Lines, an Index to the subjects, and the names of a few more tunes have been added; which, with the alteration of a few words and expressions, he trusts will render it not only more acceptable as a class book for Sunday Schools, but make it a companion for the domestic fire-side.

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L. M.

Morning Hymn.

Luton. Shoel. p. 43. & 45, S. S. S. B. 1 /OUR FATHER, here again we raise

To thee our morning hymn of praise,
For all the joys thy smiles afford,
This sacred day, thy holy word.

2 We thank thee, Father, that to thee

Again we bend the lowly knee;
That here in peace and prayer we stand,
Upheld by an almighty hand.

3 Whate'er we do, where'er we bė,

Keep us from sin and error free;
Thy sabbaths may we so improve,
As best to win our Father's love.

4 So shall we then, when life shall end,

A nobler, holier, Sabbath spend,
Where thy good children all shall be
Join'd in one family with Theer

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L. M.

Morning Hymn.

Portugal: Old Hundred: p. 43, S. S. S. B. 1 ASSEMBLED in our school once more,

God's gracious blessing we implore :
We meet to learn, and sing, and pray:

May he be with us through this day. 2 If we attend with humble mind,

And seek instruction, we shall find:
Then, while we hear the sacred page,

Oh! may its truth our hearts engage. 3 These Sabbath days will soon be o'er,

And we shall come to school no more ;
We would not then endure the pain

Of having spent our time in vain.
4 And when on earth we meet no more,

May we to God, our Father, soar,
And praise him in more lofty strains,
Where one eternal Sabbath reigns.

Morning Hymn. 6 1. 7's M.

p. 22, S. S. S. B. Sabbath. 1 SAFELY through another week,

God has brought us on our way;
Let us now a blessing seek,
Waiting in his courts to-day.
Day of all the week the best,
Emblem of eternal rest!

2 Mercies, multiplied each hour,

Through our lives, our praise demand;
Guarded by thy mighty power,
Fed and guided by thy hand.
Yet ungrateful we have been,
Paying back these gifts with sin.

3 Lord, we pray for pardoning grace,

In our dear Redeemer's name:
Sin remove, and in its place
Give us virtue's purest flame:
Thus, from all our sins set free,
May we rest at last with thee.

4. Morning Hymn.

7 & 6's M. Missionary Hymn. p. 47, S. S. S. B. 1 ASSEMBLED in the morning,

At this our Sunday school,
We would, our faith adorning,

Observe this sacred rule-
That, as our God 's a Spirit,

Our spirits should adore;
That we may thus inherit

The blessings we implore.

2 And first, our sins confessing,

With penitential tear,
We'd supplicate a blessing

On this our meeting here:

And then for those who teach us,

Pure light from Thee above,
That they with power may reach us,

The power of holy love.

3 Preserve us from temptation,

From idle words and play ;
And let thine approbation

Attend us every day.
Oh, may we give our parents.

Obedience from the heart;
Be kind to our companions,

And love to all impart.

4 Oh, grant thy special favor,

That we may know thy truth;
And imitate the Saviour,

In age as well as youth ;
So when we reach the valley

That leads us down to death,
In Thee our trust reposing,

Yield up in hope our breath.

5. Commencing Hymn. C.M. p. 11, S. S. S. B. Peterboro'. Clarendon. 1 0 LORD, another week is flown,

And we, a youthful band,
Are met once more before thy throne,

To bless thy fostering hand.

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