The gas & water engineer's book of reference, Band 104


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Seite 7 - And when I had a mind to divert strangers or friends, I have frequently taken one of these bladders, and pricking a hole therein with a pin, and compressing gently the bladder near the flame of a candle till it once took fire, it would then continue flaming till all the spirit was compressed out of the bladder ; which was the more surprising, because no one could discern any difference in the appearance between these bladders and those which are filled with common air.
Seite 7 - The oil and phlegm descended into the receiver, but the spirit still ascending blew up the bladder. I then filled a good many bladders therewith, and might have filled an inconceivable number more, for the spirit continued to rise for several hours, and filled the bladders almost as fast as a man could have blown them with his mouth: and yet the quantity of coals distilled was inconsiderable.
Seite 7 - At first there came over only phlegm, afterwards a black oil, and then likewise a spirit arose, which I could no ways condense; but it forced my lute, or broke my glasses. Once when it had forced my lute, coming close thereto in order to try to repair it, I observed that the spirit which issued out, caught fire at the flame of the candle, and continued burning with violence as it issued out in a stream, which I blew out and lighted again alternately, for several times. I then had a mind to try if...
Seite 7 - I got some coal, and distilled it in a retort in an open fire. At first there came over only phlegm, afterwards a black oil, and then, likewise, a spirit arose which I could no ways condense ; but it forced my lute and broke my glasses.
Seite 102 - ... 1. The discharge of gas will be doubled when the length of the pipe is only one-fourth of any of the lengths given in the table.
Seite 41 - ... successfully. This pavement cannot be spoken of too highly, as it is cheap, wears well, and can be easily repaired. The colour, which never can be made to equal York flag, and the smell for some time after it is laid, are the only objections to its use ; it can be laid with a good profit in any district at is. 4d. per square yard ; and besides being a boon to the public, who must otherwise walk on gravel, is a great advantage to gas companies. To them it provides a remunerative outlet for their...
Seite 9 - he had bladders filled with gas to carry at night, with •which and his little steam carriage running on the road he used to astonish the people there." That Murdoch was a man of great abilities there can be no doubt, but the construction of the steam carriage is exceedingly questionable, as such an innovation at that time would have excited universal attention. Besides, he makes no mention of it himself.
Seite 8 - ... and become flame : Metals in fusion do not flame for want of a copious fume, except spelter which fumes copiously, and thereby flames: All flaming bodies, as Oil, Tallow, Wax, Wood, fossil Coals, Pitch, Sulphur, by...
Seite 34 - ... it is of a silvery whiteness, undergoes no change in dry air, and is subject to but slow oxidation in a damp atmosphere, and that only quite supercially ; it may be hammered, filed, and drawn into threads.
Seite 24 - ... animal remains contained in them, geologists have ascertained, with a high degree of probability, if not with absolute moral certainty, that subsequently to the first appearance of the forms of animal life, which, as has...

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