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Freude hat mir Gott gegeben! Sehet! wie ein goldner Stern, Uus der Hülse, blank und eben, Schålt sich der metallne Rern.,

Von dem Helm zum Kranz

Spielt's wie Sonnenglanz. Auch des Wappens nette Schilder Loben den erfahrnen Bilder.

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Joy unto me God hath given !
See ! how like a star of gold,
From its shell, all bright and even,
The metal kernel doth unfold.

From helve to crown, the ray

Like sunny glance doth play:
And the neat armorial shield
Doth credit to the workman yield.

Come in! Come in !
Comrades all, and close the ring,
To aid at the Bell's christening ;
CONCORDIA is the name we bring.
In union's cordial harmony her summons
Shall oft-times congregate the loving Commons.

This office let her hence fulfil,
The purpose of the master's will !
High in the heavens' blue tent away,
Above our lowly Earth-life here,
The Thunder's neighbour she shall sway,
And border on the starry sphere.
A voice shall she be from above,
Like the bright constellations' throng,
Who praise their Maker as they move,
And lead the wreathed year along.

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Only to grave and lasting things,
Be consecrate her metal chime;
And hourly with his rapid wings,
Shall she be touched by flying Time.
A tongue to Destiny shall she lend;
Heartless herself to Joy or Grief,
Still with her swing let her attend
Upon the changeful game of life.
And as the sounds which forth she casts,
In mighty tones, on the ear decay ;
So let her teach that nothing lasts
That all things earthly die away.

Now, with the power of the rope,
Rock the bell from out the ground ;
Into the air let her mount up,
Into the heavenly realm of sound !

Pull ye ! pull ye! heave!

She doth move—doth wave !
May she forebode us happiness-
May her first chime utter- PEACE!

[blocks in formation]
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