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INTRODUCTION. The Board of Review of Construction endeavors in this report to state what War Department emergency construction work was done and how it was done.

The method of presentation adopted was to assemble, record, and analyze facts respecting the construction program and work completed and in progress, to comment and express conclusions thereon, and to submit suggestions for improvements.

The report is based on visits and inspections made by the members of the board which covered construction projects believed fairly to represent the work done by the War Department in the United States; on their review, study, and consideration, especially from the standpoint of speed and economy, of the facts and circumstances relating to such work, and particularly of the methods, procedure, and results of the Construction Division of the Army; on information obtained from persons in the military service of the Army, War Department employees, the War Industries Board, the War Labor Policies Board, general contractors and subcontractors, supervising engineers, advisory experts, and civilians who were qualified by personal knowledge of and experience with these matters; and on data obtained from other sources and believed to be accurate and reliable. The statements made and figures given are as of the dates stated in each instance.

The plan pursued by the board in its work was to:

1. Visit, inspect, and study a large number of typical construction projects.

2. Secure, by questionnaire and otherwise, information and facts respecting these projects as well as many of those not visited.

3. Hold numerous hearings in Washington and in the field.

4. Examine other available data, reports, records, and correspondence.

5. Acquaint itself in all other possible ways with the essential features, phases, and factors relating to the matters under review and others deemed pertinent.

6. Confer upon the information and facts obtained and reach conclusions thereon.

7. Submit the results of its work in a report giving, in appropriate detail, its findings, conclusions, and suggestions for improvements

The board has called before it and interrogated many officers and civilians familiar with and responsible for the construction work of the War Department. The names of some of those interviewed are listed in the section entitled Acknowledgments.

The board visited and made field inspections of 50 projects which had been built or were under way. During and following such visits it interviewed the constructing quartermasters and their assistants, utilities officers, auditors, supervising engineers, and contractors and secured the information which it considered important concerning these projects which include nearly all classes of engineering, architectural, and construction work; building construction from temporary wooden sheds to eight-story reinforced concrete warehouses and cold storage buildings; wood, concrete, and steel piers and wharves; streets, roads, railroads, electric distribution lines, heating plants, water supply and distribution systems, sewers and sewage disposal works; arsenals and shops; and chemical, explosives, and artillery manufacturing plants.

The accompanying report is presented in six parts.

Part I is a condensed statement which gives the essential facts and general descriptive, statistical, and other information, with comments and conclusions, concerning:

War construction in the United States.
Relations of Council of National Defense and War industries

Board to the construction work of the War Department.
Character and scope of War Department construction.
War Department contracts for emergency construction.
Selection and work of contractors, constructing quartermas

ters, supervising engineers, and field auditors on War
Department construction performed under the standard

contract for emergency work. The Cantonment Division and the Construction Division of

the Army. Part II relates to and gives details respecting the creation, history, organization, personnel, duties, methods, procedure, and results of the Cantonment Division.

Part III relates to and gives details respecting the creation, history, organization, personnel, duties, methods, procedure, and results of the Construction Division of the Army and its system of doing work. Part IV relates to:

Emergency construction done by, under, or for the various

bureaus of the War Department. Selection of project sites.

Land and real estate. Part V contains statements by the Board of Review of Construction of its principal conclusions and suggestions for improvements respecting:

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