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1. Constitution of Central Electricity Board. 2. General powers and duties of Board. 3. Appointment of consultative technical committees,

PROVISIONS AS TO SCHEME. 4. Preparation and carrying out of scheme. 5. Existing selected stations. 6. New selected stations. 7. Obligations and rights of owners of selected stations. 8. Construction and acquisition of main transmission

lines. 9. Standardisation of frequency. 10. Obligation of Board to supply electricity to autho

rised undertakers. 11. Tariff for electricity supplied directly by Board. 12. Price of indirect supply in bulk. 13. Limitation on price to be charged to owners of

selected stations. 14. Power to close generating stations in certain

events. 15. Compensation for deprivation of employment. 16. Powers of authorised undertakers. 17. Provisions consequent on acquisition by the Board

of generating station or main transmission line. 18. Saving for necessity of obtaining certain consents.

SUBSIDIARY PROVISIONS AS TO THE BOARD. 19. Application of Electricity Supply Acts to Board. 20. Acquisition of land by the Board.

Clause. 21. Power of Board to use main transmission lines by

agreement. 22. Power of Board to purchase surplus electricity. 23. Annual report, statistics and returns.

FINANCIAL PROVISIONS. 24. Expenses of the Board. 25. Power of Board to borrow. 26. Power to authorise issue of stock. 27. Power to Treasury to guarantee loans to Board. 28. Accounts and audit.

MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS. 29. Charges for electricity supplied by power companies. 30. Relation of charges to dividends. 31. Adoption of Local Government and Other Officers'

Superannuation Act, 1922. 32. Power to lop trees and hedges obstructing electric


AMENDMENTS OF THE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY ACTS. 33. Schemes for constitution of electricity districts, and

the organisation of supply therein. 34. Contents of schemes. 35. Amendment of schemes. 36. Provisions as to companies with large area of

supply. 37. Terms of purchase of a company taking a bulk

supply. 38. Methods of charge. 39.

Amendment of Schedule to 62 & 63 Vict. c. 19. 40. Power to recover charge for reconnection. 41. Supply of electricity by railways, &c. 42. Special provisions as to gas undertakers. 43. Minor amendments.


44. Interpretation.
45. Short title, construction and extent.






A.D. 1926.

Amend the law with respect to the supply of



E it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty,

by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present

Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, 5 as follows:



1.-(1) For the purposes of this Act there shall be Constitution established as soon as may be after the passing of this of Central 10 Act a body to be called the Central Electricity Board, Electricity

Board. consisting of a chairman and seven other members appointed by the Minister of Transport after consultation with such representatives or bodies representative of the

following interests as the Minister thinks fit, that is to 15 say, local government, electricity, commerce, industry, transport, and labour.

(2) A person shall be disqualified for being appointed or being chairman or a member of the Board so long

as he is a Member of the Commons House of Parliament. 20 (3) The chairman of the Board and any member

of the Board who is, by the terms of his appointment, required to devote the whole of his time to the performance of his duties under this Act shall, within three

months after his appointment, sell any securities which 25 he may hold for his own benefit in any company carrying

A.D. 1926. on the business of supplying electricity or the manufacture

or sale of machinery or plant for the generation and
transmission of electricity; and it shall not be lawful
for the chairman or any such member of the Board whilst
he holds office to purchase for his own benefit any 5
securities in any such company, and if the chairman
or any such member of the Board under any will or
succession becomes entitled for his own benefit to any
securities in any such company, he shall sell them within
three months after he has so become entitled thereto. 10

(4) Any member of the Board who by the terms of
his appointment is not required to devote the whole
of his time to the performance of his duties under this
Act shall, if he is interested in any company with which
the Board has or proposes to make any contract, disclose 15
to the Board the fact and nature of his interest, and
shall take no part in any deliberation or decision of the
Board relating to such contract, and such disclosure shall
be forth with recorded in the minutes of the Board.

(5) The Central Electricity Board (hereinafter re- 20 ferred to as the Board) shall be a body corporate with power to hold land without licence in mortmain.

(6) The Board may act notwithstanding a vacancy in their number.

(7) A person appointed to be the chairman or to 25 be a member of the Board shall hold office for such term not less than five years nor more than ten years as may be determined by the Minister before his appointment.

(8) The Board shall appoint a secretary and such other officers and servants as the Board may determine, 30 and there shall be paid out of the fund hereinafter established to the members of the Board, or any of them, such salaries or fees and allowances for expenses as the Minister of Transport may determine, and to the secretary, officers, and servants of the Board such salaries 35 and remuneration, and, on retirement or death, such pensions and gratuities, as the Board may determine; and any expenses incurred by the Board in the exercise and performance of their powers and duties under this Act shall be defrayed out of the said fund.

40 (9) The Board shall have a common seal, and the seal of the Board shall be authenticated by the signature of the chairman of the Board or some other member of

the Board authorised by the Board to act in that behalf, A.D. 1926. and of the secretary, or some other person authorised by the Board to act in that behalf.

(10) Every document purporting to be an order or 5 other instrument issued by the Board and to be sealed

with the seal of the Board authenticated in manner provided by this section, or to be signed by the secretary or any person authorised to act in that behalf, shall be

received in evidence and be deemed to be such order or 10 instrument without further proof unless the contrary is


2.-(1) The Board shall be charged with the duty of General supplying electricity to authorised undertakers in ac- powers and cordance with the provisions of this Act, but shall not, duties of

Board. 15 save as hereinafter expressly provided, themselves gene

rate electricity, and the Board shall have such further powers and duties as are provided by this Act.

(2) It shall be lawful for the Board to enter into arrangements with any authorised undertakers for the 20 exercise by them on behalf of the Board of any of the

powers of the Board under this Act which the Board think can more expediently be exercised locally.

3.-(1) The Board may appoint one or more con- Appointsultative technical committees consisting of engineers ment of 25 employed in connection with undertakings owning consulta. generating stations which are by virtue of this Act tive techni

cal comfor the time being selected stations.

mittees (2) A consultative technical committee shall give advice and assistance on such matters as may be referred 30 to the committee by the Board, and for that purpose

the committee shall meet from time to time as the Board may determine.

PROVISIONS AS TO SCHEME. 4.-(1) The Electricity Commissioners shall, as soon Preparation 35 as practicable, prepare and transmit to the Board a and carryscheme or schemes relating to the respective areas ing out of

scheme. specified therein--(a) determining what generating stations (whether

existing stations or new stations) shall be the 40

stations in this Act referred to as selected

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