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B I Ꮮ Ꮮ To prevent excessive charges for

building materials, and to make provision for securing an adequate supply of such materials, and for other purposes incidental thereto,


Presented by Mr. Beckett,

supported by
Mr. Wheatley, Mr. Greenwood, Mr. March,
Mr. Montague, Mr. Viant, Mr. James Stewart,

and Mr. Hardie.

Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed,

5 February 1926.

To be purchased directly from
H.M. STATIONERY OFFICE at the following addresses :
Adastral House, Kingsway, London, W.C.2; 28, Abingdon

Street, London, S.W.1; York Street, Manchester; 1, St. Andrew's Crescent, Cardiff; or 120, George Street, Edinburgh;

or through any Bookseller.

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GENERAL. 6. Definitions, 7. Application. 8. Division of burgh into wards. 9. Admission of honorary burgesses. 10. In burghs containing more than two thousand

inhabitants, chief magistrate to be ex-officio

member of police committee. 11. Councillor not disqualified by feu lease or sale of

land to or purchase from town council. 12. Promotion of bills or provisional orders. 13. Amendment of S. 316 of principal Act. 14. Confirmation of byelaws. 15. Amendment of S. 317 of principal Act. 16. Magistrates to be exempted from being returned

or serving on juries.
17. Amendment of S. 306 of principal Act.
18. Amendment of S. 315 of principal Act.
19. Amendment of S. 99 of Act of 1903.
20. Theatre licences.
21. Inspectors of weights and measures to have powers

of constables.
22. Evidence of proceedings of council.



Lighting. Clause. 23. Lighting of common stairs, passages, and courts. 24. Amendment of S. 101 of principal Act.

Cleansing. 25. Amendment of S. 109 of principal Act. 26. Removal of fish offal or other shop refuse. 27. Liquid sewage, &c., not to be allowed in ash-bins. 28. Cleansing of common stairs, closes, passages, and

courts. 29.

Common stairs, closes, washing-houses, and water

closets, and houses let for short periods to be

cleansed by owners. 30. Amendment of S. 119 of principal Act.

Paving and Maintaining Streets. 31. Power to town council to shut up any street or

right-of-way or to dispose thereof. 32. Amendment of S. 151 of principal Act. 33. Land thrown into street to be public highway. 34. Amendment of S. 164 of principal Act. 35. Amendment of S. 141 of principal Act. 36. Amendment of Ss. 16 and 17 of Act of 1903. 37. Street, being access to new houses or buildings, to

be formed before certificate of occupancy granted. 38. Building line of turnpike road to be limit of


Dean of Guild Court and Buildings. 39. Constitution of dean of guild court. 40. President of dean of guild court, &c. 41. Linings may be granted for fixed periods. 42. Roofs to be covered with incombustible material. 43. Houses not to be altered so as to increase number

of separate occupiers, &c. 44. Height of rooms. 45. Amendment of S. 173 of principal Act. 46. Amendment of S. 152 of principal Act and S. 61

of Act of 1903.

Clause. 47. Amendment of S. 63 of Act of 1903. 48. Amendment of S. 69 of Act of 1903. 49. Buildings not to be brought forward. 50. Amendment of S. 40 of Act of 1903. 51. Building regulations, and definition of new building. 52. Amendment of S. 200 of principal Act. 53. Amendment of S. 174 of principal Act. 54. Penalty on overcrowding.

Sewers and Drains.

55. Amendment of S. 220 of principal Act. 56. Amendment of S. 243 of principal Act.

Water. 57. Provisions as to water supply and water assessments

and charges. 58. Definition of shop. 59. Amendment of S. 262 of principal Act. 60. Incorporation of Water Works Clauses Acts.

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Slaughterhouses. 62. Power to acquire land for site of public slaughter


63. Byelaws for regulation of slaughterhouses, &c.

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Byelaws. Extension of power to make byelaws under S. 316 of principal Act.

Brokers, and Buyers of Old Metal. Clause. 69. Buyers of old metal.

Female Employment Registries. 70. Registration of servants', &c., registries.



71. Increase of limit of general improvement

assessment. 72. Recovery of private improvement expenses. 73. Expenses of county councils opposing applications

for extension of burghs. 74. Cost of executing Sale of Food and Drugs and

Weights and Measures Acts. 75. Bonds

Bonds may be renewed. 76. Discharge of bonds. 77. Protection of lender. 78. Proof of debts in bankruptcy.


OFFENCES AND PENALTIES. 79. Amendment of S. 380 of principal Act. 80. Amendment of Ss. 395 and 397 of principal Act. 81. Amendment of S. 385 of principal Act. 82. Amendment of S. 430 of principal Act. 83. Amendment of S. 432 of principal Act. 84. Reference to sections repealed or amended.

SCHEDULE (section 54).

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