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Coroners (Amendment) [H.L.].

78. Bill intituled an Act to amend the law relating to coroners.


206. Same (as amended by Standing Committee D]. 339

Economy (Miscellaneous Provisions).

58. Bill to make provision for reducing in respect of certain

services the charges on public funds and for increasing, by means of the payment into the Exchequer of certain sums and otherwise, the funds available for meeting such charges, and to amend accordingly the law relating to national health insurance, memployment insurance, the registration of electors and the holding of elections, education, bankruptcy and companies winding-up fees and certain cther fees, and postmarks, and for purposes

related or incidental to the matters aforesaid. 115. Lords Amendments.


p. 409


Edinburgh Corporation (General Powers) Order

Bill to confirm a Provisional Order under the Private

Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act, 1899, relating to
Edinburgh Corporation (General Powers).


Edinburgh Corporation (Streets, Buildings and

Sewers) Order Confirmation [H.L.].
Bill intituled an Act to confirm a Provisional Order under

the Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act, 1899,
relating to Edinburgh (Corporation (Streets, Buildings
and Sewers).


Education Amendment (Provision of Meals). 210. Bill to amend section eighty-four of The Education Act, 1921.


Education (Employment of Young Persons).
Bill to amend the Education Act, 1921.


Electricity (Supply). 59. Bill to amend the law with respect to the supply of electricity.

619 167. Same (as amended by Standing Committee C].

655 207. Lords Amendments.


Engineers. 101. Bill to provide for the registration of and to regulate tlie

Equalisation of the Franchise.

34. Bill to confer the franchise on women on the same terms

as those on which it is exercised by men.

p. 723

Execution of Diligence (Scotland) [H.L.]. 48. Bill intituled an Act to amend the law relating to the execution of diligence in Scotland.

729 Same (as amended by the Standing Committee on Scottish Bills].


Expiring Laws Continuance.
Bill to continue certain Expiring Laws.



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Secure to the public the right of access to

mountains and moorlands.

A.D. 1926.


HEREAS it is desirable to secure to the public the

right of free access to uncultivated mountain and moor land, subject to proper provisions for preventing

any abuse of such right:
5 Be it therefore enacted by the King's most Excellent

Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords
Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present
Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same,

as follows: 10 1. This Act may be cited as the Access to Mountains Short title

Act, 1926, and shall come into operation on the first day and comof January, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven. mencement.

2. Subject to the provisions hereinafter contained, Persons not to no owner or occupier of uncultivated mountain or moor prevented

from walking 15 land shall be entitled to exclude any person from walking on mountain

or being on such land for the purposes of recreation or land for purscientific or artistic study, or to molest him in so walking creation, &c. or being

3. In any action or other proceeding at the instance Defences in 20 of any owner or occupier of uncultivated mountain or proceedings

moor land, founded on alleged trespass, it shall be a for trespass. sufficient defence that the lands referred to were uncultivated mountain or moor land, that the defendant entered

thereon only for the purposes of recreation or of scientific 25 or artistic study, and that no special damage resulted from the alleged trespass.



A.D. 1926. 4. Nothing in this Act shall prevent any person from

being excluded from any land from which he could, if this Saving as

Act. had not been passed, have been lawfully excluded, to persons going on

or shall enable any defence to be raised which cannot now land for be raised, in any of the following cases :

5 other

(a) Where any person goes upon land in pursuit of purposes;

game or other wild birds, or for the purpose of taking eggs, or accompanied by a dog or carrying

fire-arms. (6) Where any person encamps on any land, or lights 10

any fire, or does any damage to the surface of land or to any trees growing thereon, or to any

buildings, fences, or other erections thereon. (c) Where any person destroys or removes the roots of any plant or shrub.

15 (d) Where any person so disturbs any sheep or cattle

as to cause damage to their owner. (e) Where any person goes on land with any mali

cious intent, or wantonly disturbs or annoys any person engaged on such land in any lawful 20

occupation. Saving as 5. Nothing in this Act shall applyto parks and pleasure

(a) To any land actually occupied and enjoyed grounds.

as a park or pleasure ground in connexion with and in proximity to a dwelling-house.

25 (6) To any plantation of young trees.

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