The Geology of Centre County, Band 60

Board of Commissioners, 1884 - 8 Seiten

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Seite 457 - REPORT OF PROGRESS, 1881. THE GEOLOGY OF PIKE AND MONROE COUNTIES. By IC White. 8 vo., pp. 407. Illustrated with colored Geological county maps, a map of glacial scratches, and 7 small sections. Also special surveys of the DELAWARE AND LEHIGH WATER GAPS. By HM Chance, with 2 contoured maps of Water Gaps, and 6 detailed sections.
Seite 459 - Limestones, by JP Lesley. IV. Utilization of Anthracite Slack, by Franklin Platt. V. Determination of Carbon in Iron or Steel, by AS MoCreath.
Seite 456 - REPORT OF PROGRESS IN THE CAMBRIA AND SOMERSET DISTRICT OF THE BITUMINOUS COAL FIELDS of Western Pennsylvania — 1875. By F. and WG Platt. Pp. 194, illustrated...
Seite 460 - ... be, and the same is hereby, withdrawn from settlement, location, sale, or entry, and reserved for public use in accordance with the provisions of section 10 of the act of December 29, 1916 (39 Stat. 865; 43 USC 300) ; and in aid of pending legislation.
Seite iii - HENRY M. HOYT, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania : SIR : I have the honor to submit...
Seite 459 - REPORT OF PROGRESS IN THE BEAVER RIVER DISTRICT OF THE BITUMINOUS COAL FIELDS OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA. By IC White. Pp. 337, illustrated with 3 Geological maps of parts of Beaver, Butler, and Allegheny Counties, and 21 plates of vertical sections.
Seite 457 - CREEK IN POTTER COUNTY. By Franklin Platt. III. ON THE COKING OF BITUMINOUS COAL. By John Fulton. Illustrated with 2 colored Geological county maps, 3 page plates and 35 cuts. 8 vo., pp. 271. Price, $1 00; postage S0 12.
Seite 456 - The Geology of POTTER COUNTY, by Andrew Sherwood. Report on the COAL FIELDS, by Franklin Platt, with a colored geological map of county, and two page plates of sections.
Seite 459 - RIVER VALLEY IN FAYETTE AND WESTMORELAND COUNTIES, with Geological Notes of the Coal and Iron Ore Beds, from Surveys, by Charles A. Young; by Franklin Platt. To which are appended: I. A Report on Methods of Coking, by John Fulton. II, A Report on the use of Natural Gas in the Iron Manufacture, by John B. Pearse, Franklin Platt, and Professor Sadtler. Pp. 252. Price, $1 00 ; postage, $0 12.
Seite ii - ASHBURNER, geologist, in charge of the Survey of the Anthracite coal fields ; headquarters, address 907 Walnut street, Philadelphia. Mr. CHARLES B. SCOTT, assistant and secretary, Philadelphia office. Mr. OB HARDEN, topographer and artist, Philadelphia office. Mr. FRANK A. HILL, assistant geologist, in the Northern Coal Field: Scrauton, Pa.