Songs, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect

Manners & Miller, 1803 - 34 Seiten

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Seite 34 - a better man, Or fiercer wav'd the red claymore ? But when in peace—then mark me there— When through the glen the wanderer came, I gave him of our hardy fare, I gave him here a welcome hame. The auld will
Seite 9 - wove like ony wab, In ilk ane's corn aye took a dab, And a' for a fee : Accounts he had through a
Seite 11 - gaed, or butt or ben, The coof wad never leave her, Aye cacklin' like a clockin' hen, But Jenny dang the Weaver. Quoth he,
Seite 22 - auld chiel ! I'm doited or daiz'd, it's fu' time I were rinnin', The wark might be done or I think o* beginnin'. I'll rin like a mawkin, and
Seite 33 - the deeds I've done, And in your deeds I'll live again. When on yon muir our gallant clan Frae
Seite 22 - in my braws, And link owr the hills whar the caller wind blaws, And meet the dear lad wha was true to me ever, And, dorty пае
Seite 6 - lang, auld John, For nought, gude John, We ha'e fought, gude John ; Let's help to bear ilk ither's weight, We're far
Seite 9 - on ane o' worth yer han' ;" He thought to pay what he was a<wn Wi' Jenny's bawbee. A
Seite 11 - the fool his folly kent, For—Jenny dang the Weaver. In ilka countra dance and reel Wi' her he wad be babbin
Seite 1 - maid, fareweel ! My hopes are flown, for a's to wreck ; ' Heaven guard you, love, and heal Your heart, though mine, alas ! maun break.

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