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But as such was not the case; and, moreover, as
he was thus supplied with many valuable addi-
tional facts, -- which the Author gladly takes this
opportunity of acknowledging, - it had the con-
trary effect of encouraging him to resume his
original project.

But the Author subsequently found that he had
other difficulties to contend against. This Second
Series of his work was already in the hands of his
publisher, when there appeared successively the
" Town,” by Mr. Leigh Hunt, - and Mr. Peter
Cunningham's “ Handbook,”— the latter the most
valuable work on “London" which has appeared
since the time of Stow. It is therefore with con-
siderable and unaffected diffidence that the Author
submits to the public this Second Series of his
work; for certainly had he been aware of the
formidable literary rivalship which he was likely
to encounter, he would on no account have entered
the lists.

In a work like the present, where there occur
minute facts and dates at almost every page, there
must almost necessarily be many errors ; and for
these the Author can only throw himself on the
consideration and indulgence of the reader.

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