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Seite 328 - Useful Information for Engineers. By the same Author. FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD SERIES, with many Plates and Woodcuts. 3 vols. crown 8vo. 10s. Gd. each. The Application of Cast and "Wrought Iron to Building Purposes. By the same Author.
Seite 154 - Again, in page 181, he says : " In the solid and liquid excrements of man and of animals, we restore to our fields the ashes of the plants which served to nourish these animals. These ashes consist of certain soluble salts and insoluble earths which a fertile soil must yield, for they are indispensable to the growth of cultivated plants. It cannot admit of a doubt that, by introducing these excrements to the soil, we give to it the power of affording food to a new crop, or, in other •words, we...
Seite 335 - CALLAWAY, JOHN: Yakkun Nattannawa; A Cingalese Poem descriptive of the Ceylon System of Demonology, to which is added: The Practices of a Capua or Devil Priest, as described by a Buddhist: and Kolan Nattannawa, a Cingalese Poem, descriptive of the characters assumed by natives of Ceylon in a Masquerade. London, 1829. CAMPBELL, A.: Journal of a trip to Sikkim. Journ. As. Soc. Beng., Vol. XVIII., p. 482. Diary of a Journey through...
Seite 119 - Cu10, consisting of copper 84'68 and tin 15i32, when the brittleness ceases; but strange to say this alloy, which contains four-fifths of its weight of copper, is notwithstanding nearly as hard as iron. This remarkable influence of copper in the bronze alloys is also visible in those composed of Sn Cu15, containing 88-97 of copper.
Seite 125 - If, however, the solution in acid be heated, it becomes black and gives ofl'sulphurous acid in abundance, the colouring matter being decomposed. When the substance is dissolved in boiling water to which a little sulphuric acid has been added, and the solution is boiled for some time, no decomposition apparently takes place, proving that this colouring matter is not, like some others, a copulated compound. Nitric acid of ordinary strength dissolves it even in the cold, forming a dark orange-coloured...
Seite 116 - These results show that all the alloys containing an excess of copper are much harder than metals composing them, and, what is not less interesting, that the increased degree of hardness is due to the zinc, the softer metal of the two which compose these alloys. The...
Seite 109 - I obtained from London a number of other bars, consisting of iron and nickel, which, on being submitted to the same tests as before, gave better results than those obtained in the previous experiments when nickel prepared from the ore was employed.
Seite 117 - We believe that some of these alloys, with an excess of zinc, and which are not found in commerce, owing to their white appearance, deserve the attention of engineers. There is in this series an alloy to which we wish to draw special attention, viz., the alloy Cu Zn composed in 100 parts of Copper, 49-32 Zinc...
Seite 153 - ... contain the constituents of the soil abstracted from our fields; so that, by incorporating these excrements with our land, we restore it to its original state of fertility. If they are given to a field deficient in ingredients necessary for the growth of plants, it will be rendered fertile for all kinds of crops.
Seite 238 - A contribution to urology, embracing observations on the diurnal variations in the acidity of the urine, chiefly in relation to food.

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