Memoirs of the court of England from ... 1688 to the death of George the second, Band 3


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Seite 80 - keeper of her select library at Richmond. Swift amusingly ridicules the good fortune and wretched verses of the favoured poet:— The thresher Duck could o'er the Queen prevail: The proverb says,—
Seite 64 - was to have kissed hands tomorrow, but you will not care a farthing about that now, so I must tell you all I know of departed majesty. He went to bed well last night, rose at six this morning as usual, looked, I suppose, if all his money was in his purse, and called for his chocolate. A little after seven
Seite 364 - Newborough, Head Master of Eton, happening to converse with a friend on the oratorical powers of some of his old pupils, observed, " As for me, I am impatient to hear that Robert Walpole has spoken, for I am convinced he will make a good orator." A similar prediction was made by Arthur
Seite 143 - and, immediately afterwards, observing him pass by the windows of Kensington Palace, he remarked to a person near him: " That man is reckoned one of the most sensible men in England, and yet, with all his cleverness, I have just nicked him out of 5,000/." This anecdote affords a complete justification for what Doddington some time afterwards said of the Prince:
Seite 26 - gracious and polite to the ladies, and remarkably cheerful and familiar with those who are handsome, or with the few of his old acquaintance who were beauties in his younger days. His conversation is very proper for a
Seite 185 - Another instance of the Duke's ferocity is related in a letter from Horace Walpole to George Montagu, dated 20th July, 1749: " His savage temper," writes Walpole, "increases every day. George Boscawen is in a scrape with him by a court martial, of which he is one: it was
Seite 67 - that one saw it to greater advantage than by day; the tombs, long aisles, and fretted roof, all appearing distinctly ; and with the happiest
Seite 67 - the Abbey, where we were received by the dean and chapter in rich robes; the choir and alms-men bearing torches; the whole Abbey so
Seite 111 - His Majesty saw the Queen's women-servants first, which was a very mournful sight, for they all cried extremely: and his Majesty was so affected when he began to speak that he went out of the room to recover himself." " The King is in a very ill state of health, that he may not live long.*
Seite 147 - Deesses, Venez, calmer mon chagrin ; Aidez, mes belles Princesses, A le noyer dans le vin. Poussons cette douce ivresse Jusq'au milieu de la nuit, Et n'ecoutons que la tendresse D'un charmant

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