Göttingische gelehrte Anzeigen, Band 1

Akademie der Wissenschaften., 1796

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Seite 315 - Et les variations atmosphériques du beau temps à la pluie, du sec à l'humide, mais principalement du chaud au froid , et de la gelée à glace au véritable dégel.
Seite 97 - Ab urbe condita, the history of Rome from the foundation of the city to the death of Drusus (9 BC), is now extant.
Seite 177 - An inaugural dissertation to ascertain the morbid effects of carbonic acid gas, or fixed air, on healthy animals, and the manner in which they are produced.
Seite 25 - JOURNEY FROM Prince of Wales's Fort, in Hudfon's Bay, TO THE NORTHERN OCEAN.
Seite 573 - Flora ruftica: exhibiting accurate figures of fuch plants as are either ufeful or injurious in Husbandry. Drawn and engraved by Freder. Nodder, and coloured under his Infpeftion. With fcientific characters, popular defcriptions and ufeful obfervations by Thorn
Seite 611 - .* • * PHYSIQUE ET TOPOGRAPHIQUE DE LA TAURIDE , } Tiré du journal d'un voyage fait en 1794., par PS PALLAS.
Seite 63 - Sckröter, new obfervations in further proof of the mountainous inequalities, rotation , atmofphere and twilight of the planet Venus 9; (695); 33<ob. einer merfro. ïuftcc« fitcinung 313; — einer Söebicfuiig 3uPi'ec* Ьигф ben ïWonb 329; — bec @onnentinfierni§ ©ípt-5.
Seite 48 - Tínjeigm thefis, in which the fource and ftrufture of the Greek Language , and of Language in general, is confidered. By W. Vincent, DD.
Seite 237 - Códice elementare di medicina pratica, fanzionato dall' efperienza, per conofcere e curare i malí particolari del corpo uraano; di Franctfco Vacca Berliiighieri , Frofeflbre dell

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