Pierriche Falcon, the Michif Rhymester: Our Métis National Anthem : the Michif Version

Gabriel Dumont Institute, 2009 - 32 Seiten
Pierriche Falcon: The Michif Rhymester is a comprehensive cultural resource which includes English and Michif-French renditions of Pierre Falcon's songs by Krystle Pederson and Guy Dumont with music by John Arcand, the "Master of the Métis Fiddle," and Desmond Legace. Paul Chartrand, a distinguished Métis academic and former Chair of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, also provides a thoughtful essay on the importance of Falcon's songs, Métis nationalism, and the Michif languages. For the first time, several Pierre Falcon songs have been included in a musical compilation. Perhaps more importantly, these songs have been restored back to their original Michif voice.Pierre Falcon was the first known Métis to compose songs. After personally witnessing many of the key events of early Métis history, his tunes--particularly "The Battle of Frog Plain" or "la gournouillčre," the first patriotic song created in Canada--take us back to the birth of the Métis Nation. These passionate, humourous, and ironic songs also speak to the Métis Nation's resolute desire to be independent and self-determining.

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