The Combatants: An Allegory

Joseph Masters, 1848 - 125 Seiten

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Seite 15 - MANUAL FOR COMMUNICANTS : being an Assistant to a Devout and Worthy Reception of the LORD'S Supper. Morocco, Is. 6d. ; roan, Is. ; paper cover, 6d. In large type, 6d. ; also a cheap edition for placing in Prayer Books. 2d. MANUAL FOR MOURNERS, with Devotions, Directions, and Forms of Self- Examination.
Seite 25 - The range of subjects which this Magazine is intended to embrace, will appear from the Title chosen ; and the rule on which it is conducted, is that of setting forth the distinctive principles of the Church boldly and uncompromisingly, with as little reference as possible to those who may be supposed to differ. Vols. I., II., III., and IV., including Parts I.
Seite 31 - I. TALES of the VILLAGE CHILDREN. By the Rev. F. E. PAGET. First Series, including "The Singers," "The Wake," "The Bonfire," "Beating the Bounds," "Hallowmas Eve," " A Sunday Walk and a Sunday Talk.
Seite 23 - ORDINATIONS VALID. A Refutation of certain Statements in the Second and Third Chapters of " The Validity of Anglican Ordinations Examined. By the Very Reverend Peter Richard Kenrick, VG
Seite 19 - A TRACT UPON TOMBSTONES ; or, Suggestions for the consideration of Persons intending to set up that kind of Monument to the Memory of Deceased Friends. Demy 8vo., with numerous Illustrations. Second Edition, price Is., or Is. 2d. by post.
Seite 7 - Foolscap 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d. " This is a remarkable little book, in more points of view than one. It is remarkable as the production of a very young person, whose mind seems to have acquired a growth far beyond its years, and to have seized upon sound religious opinions, even in deep matters, without effort. It is also remarkable for powerful delineation of character, for apt illustration, and for dramatic force. Seldom have we met with a more striking combination of simplicity and wisdom."—...
Seite 32 - The April Fool." Second Edition. With cuts, cloth, 2s. 6d. VI. THE TRIUMPHS of the CROSS. Tales and Sketches of Christian Heroism. By the Rev. JM NEALE. 2nd Edition. Cloth, price 2s. VII. EARLY FRIENDSHIP; or, the Two Catechumens. Cloth, price Is. 6d. VIII. THE SWEDISH BROTHERS. Cuts, price Is. 6d. cloth. IX. THE CHARCOAL BURNERS. Cloth, price Is. 6d. X. LUKE SHARP ; or, KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT RELIGION. A Tale of Modern Education. By the Rev. FE PAGET.
Seite 25 - Second Edition, Is. 3d. CONVERSATIONS WITH COUSIN RACHEL. Four Parts, od. each. Complete in Two Vols. 3s. COPE AND STRETTON.— Visitatio In6rmorum; or Offices for the Clergy in Directing, Comforting, and Praying with the Sick. New edition, calf, 16s.
Seite 8 - London. 12mo., cloth, 3s. *»* This has been pronounced a useful work, and well adapted to its purpose, by the Most Reverend the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishops of London, Exeter, Lichfield, Ripon, Lincoln, and Fredericton, and many Masters of Grammar Schools, into some of which it has been introduced.
Seite 13 - JOLLY, Bp.— THE CHRISTIAN SACRIFICE IN THE EUCHARIST ) considered as it is the doctrine of Holy Scripture, embraced by the Universal Church of the first and purest times, by the Church of England, and by the Episcopal Church in Scotland.

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