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Compleat Gamester:

In Three Parts.


I. The Court Gamester: Or, Full and Easy Instructions for playing the Games of Whist, Ombre, Quadrille, Quintille, Picquet, and the Royal Game of Chess.

II. The City Gamester: Or, True Manner of playing the most usual Games at Cards viz. All-fours, Cribbidge, B Lue, Br Ag, Lottery £sv. With several diverting Tricks upon the Cards; also Rules for playing at All the Games both Within and Without the Tables; and at English and French Billiards: with the Laws of each Game annexed, to prevent Disputes.

lit. The Gentleman's Diversion: Or, The Arts of Riding, Racing, Archery, Cocking, and Bowling.

First Written for the Use of the Young Princesses* By RICHARD SEYMOUR, Esq;.

And now carefully revised, very much enlarged and improved, agreeable to the present Method of playing the several Games,


LONDON: Printed for J. Hodges, at the Looking-Glafs, seeing St. Magnus-Church, London Bridge, 1754.

[Price Three Shillings.]




AMING is become so much the Fashion amongst: the Beau-Monde, that he who, in Company, should appear ignorant of the Games in Vogue, would be reckoned low-bred, and hardly fit for Conversation.

Therefore I have taken the Pains to compile this little Treatise, in order to teach the principal Court Games, viz. Ombre, Pic to E T, and the Royal Game of C H E S S.

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I think the Method laid down is so plain and easy, that a Person of a very common Capacity may quickly learn thes* most entertaining games, A .. ')'

First, As to Ombre. This Game is variously played, according to the Humours of the Company, or the Stakes they play for; therefore, that the Reader may not be ignorant of any Part of it, he will find it here described in all its Branches: And we have reduced it to Chapters, or Heads, that he may not be puzzled, by running from Article to Article, without method.

It may be objected, perhaps, that we enlarge in some Places upon Things that have been touched on before: But it must be considered, that this Treatise is wrote in Favour of those who have no Notion at all of the game; and to these, we conceive, nothing can be made too plain. Besides, it will be found, that We never speak of a Thing a second'Time. , but where it has not been sufficiently explained before.


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