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This Game is disadvantageous to the Ombre, who has always two adversaries to contend with. It is seldom or never played, but when a Fourth to make a Match at the genuine Quadrille is wanting, the Laws and Bales of which it observes in all Points, except in the following Particulars which are peculiar to This.

I. To play this Game, no more than thirty Cards are used: One of the whole Red Suits must therefore be laid aside, it matters not which of them; and the Ombre, whether he plays Sans-prendre, or calls a King, must, to win, make 6 Tricks j if he makes but 5, it is Remise; and he loses Codille, if he makes but 4, or less.

II. The Game is marked ^and played as at Quadrille, but the Beaste is of 14 Counters, tho' there are but 13 down.

III. He who plays by Calling a King, having first named the Trump, Calls, or indeed rather Demands, whatever King he judges most convenient for his Game; and he. of his two adversaries who has it, is obliged to deliver it to him, and to take in lieu thereof whatever Card the Receiver thinks fit to give him, and which the third Player is free to look upon; with this Assistance the Ombre mult make six Tricks, or lose. The Law is the same in regard to him who is forced to play with Spadtlk, the others having passed.

IV. It is not permitted to name for Trumps the Suit that is laid out; for if that was suffered, with Spadille alone, and Kings, Queens fcfc. any one might make the Vole, without the Defendants being able to oppose it.

In every other respect this Game follows the Laws of Ombre, to which recourse must be had for all Accidents that may intervene.

Q^u I N T I L L E.

WE next come to Quintille, or Ombre by Five, from whence Quadrille has its original. It is very entertaining when well played. I shall give an Account of the Manner how this Game was played at first, and then proceed to the present New Method, as it is brought nearer to Quadrille, which is also rendred much more agreeable and amusing than formerly.

In playing the Old Quintelle, no Fisbes are given out: Each Player only takes 20 or 30 Counters, which are valued at 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 Pence a piece; in a Word, what they please themselves according to the Agreement they make when they begin the Party.

..'<. They

They draw the Places, and when they have seen who is to deal, every one lays down a Counter before him, and has 8 Cards dealt him, and no more, which is the usual Way

left, and by consequence no Discard to be made.

The Manner of speaking and beginning to play, is the -same as at Quadrille, or Ombre played by four; and to win, Five tricks must be made. .

He who plays Trans parent name the Trump, and, to win, must make five Tricks: If he wins, he has two Counters paid him for the Sans-prendre, by each of the defendants, and as much for each of the three Matadores, if he had them; but should all his eight Cards have been Sequents of Matadores, he must expect no more.

If several Beafies are at once upon the Board, and he who plays sans prendre makes the vote, he has no more than what is down, and two Counters from each of the Players.

If there are only single Stakes upon the Board, he who plays Sans-prendre and wins, of the five Counters that are down, besides his Due for the Sans-prendre, draws only two of the Counters, and by consequence there remain three.

Whoever of the Players, except the youngest Hand of all, plays, . after having ask cl,



Does any body play? and is answered, No, he must name the Trump, after which, he may call to his assistance any King, except that of Trumps. - .

He who has the King which has been called, assists the Ombre; and if between them they make five Tricks, they have jointly won, and the principal Player, that is, the Ombre, takes up two of the three Counters, and the Friend one. When the Counters happen to be even, they equally divide them.

It is Remise when the Ombre and the auxiliary King make but four Tricks between them: In such case the first puts down two Counters, and the other one.

They lose Cedille, if they make but three, and in this Cafe the other three Players have a Bight to take up each of them one Counter.

The Laws of this five-handed Ombre appoint, that the four eldest Hands having paffed, the fifth, let him have ever so bad a Game, is obliged to play, calling however a King to his Assistance.

'If Codille is won, and there are four, or five Counters down, each of the Three who defended the Game are to take up one: By consequence there are either one or two remaining upon the Board. If there is but one, it belongs to him who has the highest Trump; if two, the other is for him, of the two re

D maining maining Defendants, who has the next best Trump.

If Codille is lost the first Time, the three Defendants, who win it, take up, each of them, a Counter, and the remaining two are to be played for in the following Deal.

If the Ombre, having called a King, happens to win the vote, he receives two Counters from each of the Defendants; and if the Number chances to be odd, the auxiliary King has one.

It may sometimes happen that there are more to be divided by Reason of the Beasts that have been made; in such Case, the Ombre and the auxiliary King equally divide the Spoil; and if the Number is odd, (except in Cafe of the Vole) the odd one belongs to the Ombre.

In this Five handed Ombre, he who undertakes to play for the Vole and miscarries in his Enterprize, incurs no Penalty, having nothing to pay to the other Players.

He who is beasted, lays down as many Counters as he should have taken up, had he won the Game.

The Matadors are to be paid for, only when they are found in one Hand, and the Auxiliary-king has no Share in that Payment when they were in the Ombre's Hand; to whom they are to be paid. .

If, on the contrary, they are in the Auxi

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