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an entire Pack, which consists of 52 Cards* and throw out all the Eights, Nines, and tens, of the four Suits, which make 12, and there will remain 40, which is an Ombre Pack.

The Natural Order os the Cards.

WHAT I call the natural Order of the Cards, is, their several Degrees when they are not Trumps.

The Term Trump comes from a Corrup-i tion of the Word Triumph; for wherever they are, they are attended with Conquest.

Of Cards there are 2 Colours, Red and Black; the Black are Spades and Clubs., . .

The Order of Spades and Clubs is the same as in ;other Games, in a natural Descent: King, Queen, Knave, 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2.

Ir is to be observed, that the 2 Black Aces are not reckoned in their natural Order of the Cards among their own Suits, because they are always trumps ; as we shall explain hereafter.

The 2 Red Colours are Hearts and Diamonds, which in their Order are quite contrary to the Black; but this Difference is soon understood.

The King, Queen, and knave, keep their natural Ranks, but the rest are quite reverB2 ied; fed i For the lowest Card in the Red Suits still wins the highest.

To-comprehend this at one view, and to fee every Card's Value, peruse this Table.

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The Order of the Cards when they are Trumps.

IT is necessary to remember, that the Black-Aces are always trumps, let us play in what Colour we will: Thus whether Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, or Spades be Trumps, the Ace of Spades is always the first Trump, and the Ace of Clubs the third.

The Ace of Spades is called Spadille, or Efpadille; the Ace of Clubs Basto.

Thus the first and the third Trumps are constantly fixed, then the only difficulty is to find out the second.

It is to be observed, that whatever Colour we play, that which is the worst Card in its natural Order (that is to say, when it is not Trumps) becomes the second Trump; as the Duce of Spades, when we play in spades, is the Second best Trump, and is called Manille; and the Deuce of Clubs, when clubs are trumps.

When we play in Red, the Seven of Hearts, or Seven of Diamonds, is the second best Card; that is to say, the Seven of Hearts when we play in Hearts, and the Seven of Diamonds when we play in Diamonds; and is likewise called Manille.

There are, as we have shewn, four Mattilles upon the Cards; that is to say, two in Red, and two in Black; but they are never called Manilles, but when the Suits to which they belong are Trumps: As for Example, when we play in spades, the Deuce of Spades is Manille; if in Clubs, the Deuce of Clubs; if in Hearts or Diamonds, it must be the Seven.

There is one Observation remains; which is, concerning the Red-Aces, when we play in red, we must take notice that they change their Place..

'Thus when we play in Hearts, the Ace of Hearts take place of the King, and is the fourth Trump; as likewise does the Ace of Diamonds when we play in Diamonds; and are called Puntos.

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But it must be remembred, that it is only when they :are Trumps; phat .they are called by this Name ; at any other Time they are only in the degree we have placed them in the foregoing table.

For the better understanding the Nature of the Trumps, observe the following table, where they are placed in their Order.


Spadille, Ace of Spades.
Manille, the Seven.
Bafto, Ace of Clubs.
Punto, the Red Ace.






Four . Five


Spadille, Ace of Spades.
Manille, the Duce.
Basto, Ace of Clubs.






Five ,



Thus you fee, there are 12 Trumps in Red, and but 11 in Black.

How the Trump is made.

TH E Trump at Omhre is not made by turning up a Card, as at other Games. But after the Cards are dealt, every one examines his Game, and speaks in his Turn.


For Example, we will suppose that you are Eldest Hand, and that you have for Game, Spadille the Ace, and Manille the Duce of Spades; Bqfto the Ace of Clubs, the 7 and the 3 of Spades;. you will find, upon Examination, that you have three Matadores and two trumps, which is a very good Game: We will suppose that the other two have no Game at all; you are to ask if they play, that is understood if they play without taking in; which we shall explain hereafter. They answer, No: Then you are to say, Spades are trumps, and make your Discard accordingly. This is the Manner of making the Trump. What I say of the Eldest Hand, is the same with the other two, when those that are to speak first, have said, Pass.

Thus the Trump is made by him who undertakes the Game, in whatsoever Suit he finds his Game the strongest.

But the Person who plays must always name the Turmp, before he looks at the Cards he takes in; for if he should happen to turn them up, tho' he should not-see them before the Trump is named, then either of the other Two may name it ; and he shall be obliged to play in that Suit, let it be what it will.

If the Ombre should name two Colours at the same time, then the Person who sits at

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