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The Lottery, \ .

Some diverting Amusements on the Cards.

Games within the 'tables. I.' I 'HE famous Game of Ver

II. The Game of Grand Trick


III. Of Irish.

IV. Of Back-Gammon.

V. OfTick-Tack.

VI. Of Doublets.

VII. Of Sice-Ace.

VIII. Catch-Dolt.

Games without the tables,
1. Of Inn and Inn.
H. Of Passage.
HI. Of Hazard.

IV. Of English Billiards.

V. Of French Billiards.

The contents of the Gentile;

Of Riding.

Racing. —— -Archery. ——Cocking. ——Bowling.

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Of OMBRE, by Three.

H E Game of Ombre owes its Invention to the Spaniards *, and has in it a great deal of the Gravity peculiar to that Nation. It is called El Hombre, or, The Man. It was so named, as requiring Thought and Reflection, which are Qualities peculiar to Man; or, rather alluding to Him who undertakes to play the Game against the reft of the Gamesters, and is B called

• It is an Improvement of a Game called Primero, formerly in great Vogue among the Spaniards. Primero is played with 6 Cards, Ombre with g, that being the material difference. As to the Terms, they are mostly the fame. He who holds Cinque Primero (which' is a sequence of 5 of the best Cards, and a good Trump) is sure to be successful over his Adversary. Hence the game takes its Denomination.


called, The Man. To play it well, requires a great deal of Application; and let a Man be ever so expert, he will be apt to fall into mistakes, if he thinks of any thing else, or is disturbed by the Conversation of those that look on. .

Attention and Quietness are absolutely necessary, in order to play well. Therefore, if the spectators are discreet, they will be satisfied with the Pleasure of seeing it played, without distracting the Gamesters.

What I have said, is not to persuade any who have a mind to learn it, that the Picsure is not worth the pains : On the contrary, it will be found the most delightful and entertaining of all Games, to those who have any thing in them of what we call the Spirit of Play.

There are many Ways of playing at Om* Ireit is sometimes played with force Spadille, or Eftadille Force sometimes by two Persons, sometimes three, sometimes Four, and sometimes Five; but the general Way is by Three. Of this kind of Play we shall treat first, the rest we shall explain in their Turns.

The Number of the Card S.

TH E Game is played with 40 Cards: You may buy Packs on purpose made up for this Game; otherwise you may take

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