Writings of Hugh Swinton Legaré, Late Attorney General and Acting Secretary of State of the United States: Consisting of a Diary of Brussels, and Journal of the Rhine Extracts from His Private Diplomatic Correspondence, Orations and Speeches and Contributions to the New-York and Southern Reviews : Prefaced by a Memoir of His Life ...

Burges & James, 1846
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Seite xiii - The orison repeated in his arms, For God to bless her sire and all mankind ; The book, the bosom on his knee reclined, Or how sweet fairy-lore he heard her con (The playmate ere the teacher of her mind) : All uncompanion'd else her years had gone Till now in Gertrude's eyes their ninth blue summer shone.
Seite 372 - The secrets of the hoary deep, a dark Illimitable ocean without bound, Without dimension; where length, breadth, and highth, And time and place are lost...
Seite 454 - I find to be none, but the serious and hearty love of truth: and that whose mind soever is fully possessed with a fervent desire to know good things, and with the dearest charity to infuse the knowledge of them into others, when such a man would speak, his words, like so many nimble and airy servitors, trip about him at command, and in well-ordered files, as he would wish, fall aptly into their own places.
Seite 424 - And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you; 12 That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing.
Seite 274 - Whoever supposes that shouts and hosannas will terminate the trials of the day entertains a childish fancy. We must be grossly ignorant of the importance and value of the prize for which we contend; we must be equally ignorant of the...
Seite 171 - Council on the principles we have set forth, and to divers other subjects more particularly mentioned in the Speech from the Throne at the opening of the present Session...
Seite 211 - Why is thy countenance sad, seeing thou art not sick? this is nothing else but sorrow of heart. Then I was very sore afraid, And said unto the king, Let the king live for ever: why should not my countenance be sad, when the city, the place of my fathers' sepulchres, lieth waste, and the gates thereof are consumed with fire?
Seite 350 - Altaire, made the following REPORT : The Committee on Foreign Affairs, to whom was referred the memorial of the New- York Peace Society, and other individuals friendly to the peace cause, report as follows : THE prayer of the memorialists is two-fold.
Seite 264 - Were all men as enlightened, as brave, as proud as they ought to be, would they suffer themselves to be insulted with any other title? Is it nothing, that so many independent sovereignties should be held together in such a confederacy as ours ? What does history teach us of the difficulty of instituting and maintaining such a polity, and of the glory that, of consequence, ought...
Seite 177 - The undersigned, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the United States of America, has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of...