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Body of Christ formed by the Holy || Christ, his exaltation, iv. 127.
Ghost, iii. 163.

- His titles, i. 128.
Bodies of mankind will be changed by |--His works, i. 135.
Christ, ii. 135.

-His worship, i. 139.
Boldness of Christ's servants in speak- -His perfections, i. 140.
ing his truth, cxxvii. 411.

-His benefits, i. 141.
Bounty in God, cxlii. 50.

Against sin, xvii. 150.
-In men, celii. 50.

His benefits, cause of joy, xcv. 203.
Bread, daily, to be prayed for, clxxxiii. -Cause of praise, ccxvi. 250.

Church of God, prayers for it.
- God to be praised for it, ccxxiii. 252. clxxxvii. 238.
Brethren, the duties of christians as-God's power toward it, lxxij. 13.
such, xli. 87.

Clean heart, xxxix. 271.
Broken heart, vl. 271.

Cleanse, God doth cleanse his people,
Brother, Christ so called, vlij. 88. Xxv. 30.
Builder, God is so to his church, lxxix. -Duty to cleanse ourselves, XIV. 80.

Clouds, wind and rain created, vii. viii.
Burial of Christ, xxxviii. 120.


Comfort to believers, xxix. 188.

- Is the gift of God, cxii. 209.

-Giving it to one another, Ixiji. 256.
Calamities on wicked parents and chil. Coming to God through Christ, cxlii.
dren, xxxvij. 388.

- On the children of the wicked, lxxxii. Coming to Christ, cxlï, 226.

Commands of God are right, laxxii.
Calling of God's people, xv. 75.

- Is of grace, cxxiv. 45.

Commands of God are faithful, xc. 30.
Is holy, xcvii. 32.

Communications,eril, forbidden,cxcii.
- Persons called of God to offices, xvi. 447.

Compare, nothing to God, s. 4.
Care of God for his people, cause of Compassion ascribed to God, cviii. 41.
joy, c. 207.

-To whom esercised, cis. 41.
- Carse of praise, ccxx. 251.

- Instances thereof, cx. 41,
Care of Christ fo his people, xviii. 152. Compassion ascribed to Christ, cxi.
Cast off, who are so, xxxr. 83.

- Who are not so, xxxiii. 82. Compassion in men, xlr. 350.
Chrity, v. vi. 335.

-God excites it toward his people,
Childless, promises to them, xc. 389. cviii. 41,
Chilsen, their duties toward parents, Conceit, being wise therein, xiv. 367.
xi 340.

Confessing Christ, xi. 179.
- Dutiful, blessed, xcii. 390, Confession of sin, xxxii 471.
-Undutiful, curseil, xcii. 390. - To be made in prayer, clss. 252.
Children desired, lxxvii. 387. Confidence of the righteous in God,
- Promised, lxxvi. 380.

cxxx. 222.
- God's care of them, Isxix.388. Confidence of the wicked, sinful,
- Duties toward them, lxvi. 384. cxxxi. 221.
-Of God, how made so, xxxvi. 84. Conscience, good, xlviii 375.
_Their duties and marks. xxxix. 86. -How attained, xlix. 276.
-Their blessings, xxxrii. 85. -Evil conscience, lii. 276.
Children of the devil, Isiviii. 292. -- Natural, its force, I, 276.
- What the wicked are children of, |--Weak, not to be wounded, li. 276.
X). 87.

Consideration, xiii. 467.
Chosen of God, see election, xii. Contention), xx. 340.
72.-xii 74 X11 75.

Contentious, fools are so, IX. 368
Christ, prophecies concerning him, | Contentment, xxvii. 372.
112 to 122.

Contrite heart, xl. 271.
-Il sincarnation, iji. 113.

Correcting cildren, Isxii 385.
- His miraries, 112 to 126..

Carruption of sin, xcv. 294.
- His glory, i. 126.

Covenant of God, holy, xcvii. 32.

Covenant blessings, cxlvi. 53. || Defilement of sin, xcviii. 295.
Covenants with the heathen inhabitants Delight in God, cxiv. 211.

of Canaan forbidden to the Jews,|- In Christ, cxvi. 211.
cxl. 316.

Deliverance from sickness, Ixvi, 102.
Covenants with them punished, cxli. -From enemies, lxvii. 102.

- From gins, lxxii. 105.
Covetousness in general, cc. 451. -To whom promised, Ixis. 104.
- In magistrates, ciii. 396.

- Of God's church, cause of joy, cvii.
- In ministers, cxxxiv. 417.

Counsels of God, iv. 70.

Deliverer, Christ so called, Ixviii.103.
-Are faithful, xc. 30.

-v. 147.
Counsel, God giveth it to his people, Denying God, ii. 176.
li. 94.

Denving Christ, xxvi. 118.-xii. 179.
-The wicked are deprived of it, lii. Departing from God, cxl. 228.

Descent of Christ, iv. 113.
-The duty of giving and receiving it, Desiring God, Ixxxiv. 204.
xlix. 352.

Despising Christ, xv. 116.
-Rejecting evil counsel, the wisdom Despising ministers of Christ, cilii.
thereof, 1. 353.

Creation of all things, i. 57.

Despising one another, xxxi. 345.
-The wisdom of God in it, lv. 14. Destruction of the wicked, ccxlij. 259.
- The power of God in it, lxxi. 17. Determinations of God, vii. 71.
-Done by Christ, i. 135.

Devils, their sin and punishment, XIX;
- The Spirit's work in it, i. 162.

-Cause of joy to angels, cix. 208. -Their enmity, xxxiii. 66.
Creator, God is so to his people, lxxvi. -Their knowledge, xxxv. 67.

- They were cast out by Christ, lii.
Creatures, christians are new ones, 123.
lxxvii. 109.

- They were overcome by Christ,
Creatures in the sea and land made, Xxxviii 67.
ix. 58.

- How to be overcome by Christians,
Crucifixion of Christ, xxix. 118.

xxxix. 68.
Cruelty, xlvi. 351.

-Works, and children of the devil,
Cures, miraculous ones performed by Jxxxviii. 292.
Christ, li. 123.

Diligence and industry, vi. 362,
Cursing, the sin thereof, cxciv. 448. Direction from God, Ivi. 95.

-Promised to believers, xxvii. 187.

Discontentment, xxviii. 372.

Dishonouring God, ccxxxii. 256.
Darkness, works thereof, lxxxiv. 291.|| Disobedience to God, Ixviii. 284.
David, Christ descended from him,|--To Christ, lxxjj. 286.
Xxxviii. 158.

- To parents, sciii. 390.
Dead works, lxxxvii. 292.

-To magistrates, cxiv. 399.
Dead raised by Christ, liv. 124. -To ministers, cxliv. 423.
-Will all be raised by Christ, ii. 135.| Disputes about religion, cxciii. 448.
Deaf cured by Christ, liii. 124. Diviners, clxiii. 324.
Death prevails over all, iv. 475. Divisions, xxxiv. 346.
- Preparative duties for it, v. vi. 476.|| Divorce, lviii. 382.
Death of the righteous happy, xi. 264. Dominion of God, i. 69.
- vii. 476.

Doxologies, or glory ascribed to God
Death of the wicked miserable, viii. in worship, ccxxxix. 257.

Drawing near to God, cxli. 226.
Death of Christ, xxxvi. 119.

Dreadiulness of God, clviii. 56.
- Its efficacy, xxxi. 154.

Drunkenness, iii. iv. 361.
Deceiving by false doctrine. cxxxvii. In magistratos, iv. 396.

-In ministers, CXXST. 418.
Decrees of God, ix. 72.

Dules accompanyang faith. xiv. 181.
Defence, God is so to his people, xlviii. Toward God and Christ, i. 176.&c.


Excommunication, eirii. 402.

Eihort one another, liv. 354.

Expectation from God, cixii. 215.
Edifying one another, liii. 354.

Lihat God will dear prayer, cxcvi.
Efficacy of prayer in working mira-

cles, cxcix. 240.

Expectation of the wicked,cxxiv. 215.
In defeating enemies, cc. 215.
Election of grace, cxxiii. 45.

Of Jews, xii. 72.
-Of Christians, xiii. 74.

Faith in God, viii. 178.
-of persons to office, xiv. 75. --In Christ, ix. 179..
Enemies of God, cxxvi. 303.

-God is glorified by it, ccixxvi. 257.
Enemies to be prayed for, cxc. 239. - The author, cause and means of,
-Overcome by prayer, cc. 241.

XV. xviii. 183.
Their prevailing occasions fast- -Marks and evidence of true faith,
ing and praver, clix. 231.

xiv. 181.
-Pravers against evil from them, -Through grace, cxxxii. 48.
xxi. 241.

-Promises to faith, xr. 186.-.--xiii.
-God redeemeth his people from 205.
them. I. 93.

-Prayer to be made with it, elav.
God delivereth from them, lxvii. 232.

Faithfulness of God, lxxxix. 30.
Deliverance from them, cause of - In his promises, xci. 30.
praise to God, ccxxv. 253.

In his threatenings, scii. 31.
-Salvation from them, cause of joy Faithfulness of Christ, xc. 30.
in God, ciji. 207,

Faithfulness in friendship, lxiv. 356.
-God excited compassion in them Fall of man into sin. rv. 61.
toward his people, cviii. 41.

Familiar spirits, 324.
-The wicked delivered up to their Fasting appointed, cliv. 230.
fears of enemies, Ixv. 200.

-What kind is acceptable.clxvi. 230.
-The wicked delivered into their -What kind unacceptable, clvii.
enemies hands, lxxiii. 105.

Enlightened persons, their duties, -Occasions of fasting, clviii. 231.
vi. 177.

-Voluntary fasting, elzi. 231.
Enquiring of those who are no Gods -Miraculoas fasting, clv. 230.
forbidden cxlvi. 318.

Father, God is so to his people, invi.
Enticing others to sin, 1xviii. 359. 83.
Enry, xi. xii xiii. 338.

-To Christ, i, ii. 128.
-Known to God, xlix. 14.

Favour of God promised to the righ-
Eternal life is from God, xiv. 486. teous, cxxxvi. 49.
Eternal life to whom promised, xr. - Deny'l to the wicked, cxxxix. 50.

Favour with men promised to the
Eternity of God, vii. 5.

righteous, cxl. 50.
-Of Christ, xiii. 144. See Christ's -Deny'd to the wicked, cxli. 50.

glory before his incarnation, i. 136. Fear of God enjoined, 1. 195.
Everlasting God, xviii. 5.

-Promised as the gift of God, lv,
Evil doers to be avoided, Ixxxi. 289. 196.
Evil doing, lxxix. 289.

- Promises to it, lir. 197..-34. 487.
Evil men, cxviii. 299.-... Doing evil -Duties joined with it, Ivi. 196...--
to men, xxxviii. 348.

claviii. 233.
Exaltation of Christ, iv. vi. vii. 127. -Its usefulness in life, lviii. 196.
Exaltech, God is so, xxvii. 7.

-Threats against those that fear not
Exalting self, the sin and punishment God, lxii. 199.
thereof, 1. 379.

Fear of men, the security against it,
Examination of self, the duty thereof,

cxxxi. 222.
cxvii. 402. .

Feeds ----Christ feeds thousands, Ir.
Example, giving, lxvii. 559.

Excellency of God, xxviii. 7.

Fellowship with the wicked to be
Excellency of Christ, xx. 152

avoided, lxxxix. 292.

Gentleness toward men, lxi. 356.
Gestures in prayer, clxxviii. 237.
Given, Christ was so, and for what

end, xxviii. 154.
Glory of God, xxx.7.
-In favours to his people, xxxi. 8.
Glory of Christ, i. 126. See his eter.

nity, xii, 144.
Glorying of the righteous in God,

cxvii. 211.
Glorying of the wicked in sin, cxvii.

211..-.-liii. 379.
Glorifying God, ccxxxiii. 256.

-Christ glorified God, ccxxxiv. 256.
-How men glorify God, xxiii. 237.
God, how known, i. 3.---iv. 176.-V.

God. Christ so called, iv. 133.
Godliness, promises to it, i. 260.---

xix. 487.
Goodness of God, xcviii. 33.
God doth good, xcviii. 33.
Goodness of God, matter of praison,

ccxv. 249.
Goodness of Christ, xi. 144.
Good man, bis character, csvi, 298.
Good men, promises to them, cxvii.

-Doing good in general, lxxix, 289.
-Doing good to others, xxxvii. 347.
Gospel of grace given, cxxix. 46.
Government of God, i. 69. Cause of

joy, cvi. 207.
-Over the visible heavens and earth,

Ixxii. 18.
Government is of divine appointment,

Fig-tree cursedl, withers, lv. 125.
Fightings, xxxiii. 346.
Filthiness of sin, cvi. 296.
Finger of God, denoting his power,

Ixiv. 16.
First and last, God so called, xx. 5.
Fishes,& miraculous draught of them,

lv. 125.
Flatters, clxxxii. 444.
Following God, cxliii. 227.
Following Christ, cxliv. 227.
Folly and wickedness the same, xxiv.

Food promised, ccxv. 457.
Food miraculously supplied, ccxxi.

Fools described, xiv, to xxii. 367.
Forbearance of God, cxv. 43.
Forbearing one another. See lxv. 357.
Forgetting God, xlvi. 193.
Forgiveness in God. See pardon of

sin, cvị. 39.
- Promised to believers, xxv. 187.
Forgiveness promised to penitents,

xv. 265.
-Prayed for, cvii. 40.
als of grace, cxxvi. 46. See mercy

of God, c. 35. to cv. 39.
Forgiveness in men, xlvii. 351.
-Required in prayer, clxxi. 234.
Forms of swearing, excii. 328.
Fornication, cl. 426.
Forsaking God, cxlv. 227.
God forsaketh the wicked,xxxii.82.
-God forsaketh not his people, xxx,

-Forsaken of friends, Christ was so

Xxv. 118.
Fortress, God is so to his people,

Ixiii. 99.
Fraud forbidden, clv. 450.
Friendship, faithfulness therein, lxiv.

Frowardness, cxxi. 309.
Fruitfulness in religion required,

xxxvii. 473.
- From whence it proceeds, lxxx.

Fulfilment of prophecy concerning

Christ, 113 to 122.
Fury ascribed to God against the

wicked, clii. 56.
Future punishments,xxix. 489,---490

ci. 396.
Governors, their duties, xcvii. 393.
-The Spirit's influence over trem,

xiv. 171.

Their sins, cii. 396.
-Duties toward them, cx. 398.
-Sins against them, cxili 399.
Grace of God in man's salvation,

cxxiii. 45.
Grace prayed for, cxxxvii. 48.
-Promised to believers, xxviii. 187.
-Promised from Christ, xi. 148.
Graciousness of God, czix. 44.
Graciousness of Christ, cxxii. 45.
Grass, herbs, trees, &c. created, xi.


Gratitude, lxix. 359.
Greatness of God, xxvi. 6.
Grief of parents for children, lxxx.

Grief for sin, xx. 469.
-At prayer not being heard, cxcvič.


Gall given to Christ, xxxii. 119.
Garments of Christ parted, xxxiv.


Grudging at others' prosperity, xxix.

Guide, God is so, lix. 96.


Habitation of God, holy, xcvii. 32.
Hand of God, denoting his power,

Holiness of angels, six. 16.
Holiness in men, God honjured by

it, cclxxxviii. 255.
-Directions for attaining it, sxiv.

Holiness in ministers of Christ,

Cxxüi. 407.
Honour due to God, ccxxvi. 255.
-How performed, ccxxvii. tu ccx**.

-Due to Christ, ccxxxi. 236.
-Due to magistrates, cxi. 3).
-Due to parents, xci. 390.
-Due to one another, xxx. 344.
Hope God and Christ, cxxi. 212.
-Through grace, cassiv. 48.
-Promises to it, scii. 205.
Hope of the wicked perisheth, cxxii.

Hospitality, clxiii. 434.
House of God, holy, xcvii. 32.
Humbled saints, their expressions,

xl. tra 375
Humility toward God, xxxiv. 372.
--Toward men, xxxv. 372.
Humility of ministers, cxxiv. 410.
-Examples of it, xxxrui. 375.
Humility in prayer, cixx. 233.
-Promises to it, sxxvi. 374. See

pride, xli. 377.
Husbands, their duties, lxiv. 383.,
Hypocrisy, xxx. 269.

--Marks of it, xxxi. 269.
Hypocrites known to God, xlvii. 13.
Their prayer not accepted, cciv.


lxiü. 16.
Hard, nothing is so to God, lxvi. 16.
Harmless, xli. 349.
Hated of God, the wicked are so,

clvi. 56.
Hated of men, Christ was so, xvi 116.
-Promises to those that are unjustly

hated, x. 337,
Haters, duties toward them, viii. 337.
-Prayers against haters, ix. 337.
Hating God, lxxxii. 203.
Hating Christ, lxxxiij. 204.
Hatred toward men, vii. 336.
Haughtiness, xlix. 379.
Health to be prayed for, clxxxiv. 238.
Heart known to God, xxxviii. 11.-.-.

xlii. 273.
-Of the righteous described, xxxiv.

to 1. 270.
-Duties respecting the heart, xli.

xlii. 272.

Affected for sin, xxiv. 470.
-Broken, contrite, xxv. 470. xl. 272.
-Serving God with the, liv: 276.

God's influences on the hearts of

the righteous, xliii. 273. Ixiii. 230.
-Evil, xlvi. xlvii. 375.
-Of the wicked, Satan's influence

on it, xlv. 275.
-God's judgments on it, xliv 274.
Heaven and earth, the creation

thereof, ii. 57.
The dissolution thereof, vi. 483.
-Holy, xcvii. 32.
The happiness of the righteous in

it, vii. 484.
Heaviness and grief for sin, xix. 469.
Heirs, Cluistians are so, vii. 484.
Help from God promised, lxiv. 100.
-Cause of joy, cii. 207.
Hell. See tuture punishments, 489,

-Help from crcatures vain, Ixv. 102.
Hill of God, holy, xcvii. 32.
Holy Ghost, his intiuences and opera-

tions i'pon the creatures, 162 10 171.
-Promised to believers, lvi. 121.-.-.

xxvi. 187.
-Rejoicing in hin xcvi. 206.
Holiness of God, xciv. to xcvi. 31.
Holiness of Christ, viii. 143.

Idleness, vii. 363.
Idulatry, cxxxvi. 314.
-Threats against it, 314, 321, 322.
Jealousy of God, for lus people, clix.

- Against his enemies, clix. 56.
Jesus Christ, prophecies concerning

him, i. 112.
His miracles, xlix. 122.
-His Glory, i. 126.
-His exaltation, iv. 127.

- His titles, i. 128. vii. 133.
-His works, i. 135.
-His worship, i. 139.
- His perfections, i. 140.
-His benefits, i. 144.
Ignorance of God, vii. 178.
Images forbidden, 318, 320.
-With threatenings, xlviii. 318.

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