The Autobiography of William Jerdan: With His Literary, Political and Social Reminiscences and Correspondence During the Last Fifty Years, Band 3

A. Hall, Virtue & Company, 1853

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Seite 11 - ALL my past life is mine no more; The flying hours are gone, Like transitory dreams given o'er, Whose images are kept in store By memory alone. The time that is to come is not; How can it then be mine? The present moment's all my lot; And that, as fast as it is got, Phillis, is only thine.
Seite 18 - THE BAPTISMAL FONT ; an Exposition of the Nature and Obligations of Christian Baptism. With an Appendix.
Seite 208 - Of every hearer; for it so falls out That what we have we prize not to the worth Whiles we enjoy it, but being lack'd and lost, Why, then we rack the value, then we find The virtue that possession would not show us Whiles it was ours.
Seite 108 - LIKE the low murmur of the secret stream, Which, through dark alders, winds its shaded way, My suppliant voice is heard : — Ah ! do not deem That on vain toys I throw my hours away. In the recesses of the forest vale, — On the wild mountain, — on the verdant sod, Where the fresh breezes of the morn prevail, — I wander lonely, communing with God. When the faint sickness of a wounded heart, Creeps in cold...
Seite 23 - DESLYON'S FRENCH DIALOGUES, Practical and Familiar, constructed so as to enable all Persons at once to practise Conversing in the French Language; with FAMILIAR LETTERS in FRENCH and ENGLISH, adapted to the capacities of Youth. New Edition, 12mo. cloth, 2s. 6d. FRENCH TUTOR; or, Practical Exposition...
Seite 4 - The volume is profusely embellished with engravings of the antiquities of which it treats. We would recommend its perusal to all who desire to know whatever our countrymen have done and are doing in the East." OBSERVER. — " A valuable addition to archaeological science and learning." GUARDIAN. — " Nothing can be better than the spirit and temper in which Mr. VAUX has written, and he appears to have completely accomplished his object in the composition of the book, which will assuredly take rank...
Seite 22 - A NEW MANUAL OF PERSPECTIVE, Containing Remarks on the Theory of the Art, And its Practical Application to the Production of Drawings, Calculated for the use of Students in Architectural and Picturesque Drawing, Draughtsmen, Engravers, Builders, Carpenters, Engineers, &c. &c. ILLUSTRATED BY NUMEROUS ENGRAVINGS. BY N. WHITTOCK, AUTHOR OF THE OXFORD DRAWING BOOK, ETC. Just published, also uniform, price 3*.
Seite 108 - I wander lonely, communing with God. .When the faint sickness of a wounded heart Creeps in cold shudderings through my sinking frame, I turn to Thee, — that holy peace impart, Which soothes the invokers of Thy awful name. 0 all pervading Spirit — sacred beam — Parent of life and light — Eternal Power — Grant me, through obvious clouds, one transient gleam Of Thy bright essence in my dying hour!
Seite 22 - The illustrations are various, beautifully executed, and apparently correct. In short, the work is precisely such an one as we would wish to see in general use, if it were only to relieve the weariness of a branch of learning which used to be all but insufferable in the days of our boyhood, but by such instruments as the present, it becomes at once lightsome and effective.
Seite 3 - If I had not enjoyed the happiness of your private friendship, I should still have dedicated this work to you, as a slight and most inadequate acknowledgment of the inestimable services you are rendering to the literature of your country, and of the lasting benefits you will confer upon the authors of this and succeeding generations, by securing to them and their descendants a permanent interest in the copyright of their works.

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