The Eastern and Western States of America, Band 2

Fisher, Son, & Company, 1842

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Seite 485 - Behold now behemoth, which I made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. Lo, now his strength is in his loins ; and his force
Seite 499 - night, if possible, as on the following night they would cross the river, which would render it much more difficult. He therefore lay quietly until near midnight, anxiously ruminating upon the best means of effecting his object. Accidentally casting his eyes in the direction of his feet, they fell upon
Seite 490 - his head leaned, as it were, against a projecting rock, and the other standing with a spear balanced in his hand, as though he was surprised, and had just started on a quick walk. The dog lies as if crouched in terror, or about to make a spring, but the
Seite 191 - in the State of Louisiana, on Thursday, the 29th instant, precisely at 4 o'clock, PM—Agreed to. 2. The weapons to be used by each shall weigh one pound two and a half ounces, measuring sixteen inches and a half in length, including the handle, and one inch and threeeighths in breadth.—Agreed to.
Seite 191 - The second giving the word, shall then distinctly command, " Strike."—Agreed to. If either party shall violate these rules, upon being notified by the second of either party, he may be liable to be shot down instantly. As established usage points out the duties of both parties, therefore notification is considered unnecessary'. ARTICLES OF BATTLE BETWEEN JOHN A.
Seite 191 - 30, 1837. the second from the " Darien Telegraph," both published in Slave-States. ARTICLES OF BATTLE BETWEEN ALEXANDER K. M'CLUNG AND HC STEWART, ESQS. COUNSELLORS AT LAW, OK THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. Article 1. The parties shall meet opposite Vicksburg, in the State of Louisiana, on Thursday, the 29th instant, precisely at 4 o'clock, PM—Agreed to.
Seite 412 - Harrison's Farewell to his Soldiers. " In all ages, and in all countries, it has been observed, that the cultivators of the soil are those who are least willing to part with their rights, and submit themselves to the will of a master. — Wm. II. Harrison.
Seite 488 - lie caused this stone, which covered a small excavation formed with masonry, to be raised, when he found two exceedingly ancient swords, a helmet, and shield, which had suffered much from rust; also an earthen vessel of
Seite 499 - captors, however, seemed to be a merry, good-natured set of fellows, and permitted him to accompany them unbound; and, what was rather extraordinary, allowed him to retain his gun and hunting-accoutrements. He accompanied them with great apparent cheerfulness through the
Seite 191 - in breadth.—Agreed to. 4. Each party shall stand at the distance of eight feet from each other, until the word is given.—Agreed to. 3. Both knives shall be sharp on one edge, and on the back shall be sharp only one inch at the point.—Agreed to.

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