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1.4. From the seven Spirits which A Table of the Texts of Scripture, &c. Hebrews.

I Peter. put into subjection the World 4.6. For this cause was the Go to come.

spel preached also to them that 6. 4. It is impossible for those who

are dead. were once enlightned. 7. 3. Without Father, without Mo

2 Peter. ther.

1. 19. We have also a more sure 8. 8. I will make a new Cove.

Word of Prophecy. nant with the House of Israel. 1. 20. No Prophecy of the Scri. 10. 2. Then would they not have pture is of any private Interpreceased to be offered ?

tation. 10. 25. Not forsaking the Assem. 2. 4. If God fpared not the Angels bling our selves together.

that finned, but cast them down 10. 26. If we Sin wilfully after to Hell

that we have received the Know. 3. 10. The Day of the Lord will ledge of the Truth.

come as a Thief in the Night: II. 17. By Faith Abraham when he 3. 13. Nevertheless we, according was tried offered up Isaac.

to his Promise, look for new 12. 17. He found no Place of Re. Heavens, and a new Earth. pentance.

3.16. In which are some things 13:21. Make you perfect in every

hard to be understood. good work,

1 John. James.

Ye have an Un&tion from the 3.9. Let the Brother of low degree holy One.

rejoice in that he is exalted. 3. 9. Whosoever is born of God, 2. 2. If there come into your Al

doth not commit sin. sembly a Man with a gold 3.21. If our Heart condemn us not, Ring.

then have we confidence towards 2. 10. Whosoever shall keep the

God. whole Law, and yet offend in one 5. 7. There are three that bear repoint, he is guilty of all.

cord in Heaven, the Father, the 3. 2. In many things we offend all. Word, and the holy Ghoft. 4. 5. Do ye think that the Scripture 5. 16. There is a sin unto death. faith in vain.

Jude. 4.6. He giveth more Grace. 5.8. The coming of the Lord draw. 4. Who were before of old ordaineth nigh.

ed to this Condemnation. . 12. But above all things, my

7. Suffering the Vengeance of eterBrethren, swear not.

nal Fire. 5.13. Is any among you afflicted ? 9. [Michael the Archangel) durft

not bring against him the De 5. 14. Anointing him with Oil in vil) a railing Accusation. the Name of the Lord.

Revelation. I Peter. 2. 8. Whereunto also they were ap

are before the Throne. pointed.

1. 8. I am Alpha and Omega, 3. 19. By which also he went and

beginning and the ending. preached

to the Spirits in Prison.

2. 20.

Let him pray.


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that Subject.

r the more convenient referring in the following Index, the Page is continued in the Second Volume, the First ending with 588. So that all beyond that Number is to be looked for in the second Volume. je Figures between the Columns number the Lines. The First Column, or that which is towards the left hand, I distinguish by (a), the other by [b]. When I refer to the Text, either of the old or New Testament, I let down only the Chapter and Verse. When I refer to any Nate, I say on such or such a Place. For Example, under Alms, ar the Proportion to be given, there is on A&. 11.29. that is, the Note on A&. 11. 29. treats of he References are thus referr'd to. The first Number stands for the Page; then follows a, or b, which denotes the Column, then the Number or Numbers, till you come to a full Point, which stand for the Linese. If several Pages are referr'd to, the Numbers following a full Point express the Pages. Thus under Alms it is said, Almsgiving, a Dury very much insisted on in the holy. Scriptures. Here the Numbers afier a full Point arę 240, 279, 294, 301. which express the Pages ; the Letters being all [a], denote the first Column in those Pages

, the other Figures the Lines. ge 122, 123, 124, 125. are by Mistake cwice printed, which I mention, that if the Reader does not find what he looks for, he may have Recourse to the orher Place. Sometimes when che Text only is referr'd to, there are References under it belonging to the same subject, and almost always the Text is to be taken in with the References, nay perhaps sometimes require a littleThought,todiscern the reason why Tome Texts are referr'd to ; and I shall not be surprized, if the Reader sometimes thinks that I have mistaken fome Places, as I have thought others have done ; bur I have not willingly milapplied any Texts.



Lips, Prov. 12. 22. The Sacrifice, THAT Things are particularly Way, and Thoughts of the Wicked, faid to be fo; for a Manto wear Prov. 15. 8, 9, 28.

Prov. 21. 27. 'omens Apparel, and a Woman a

The Proud in Heart, Prov. 16. 5. an's, Deut. 22. 5. Divers Weights The Sin of Sodom,597, b, 11. To d divers Measures, Deut.25. 13, justifie the Wicked, and condemn C. Prov. 11. 1. Seven things men: the Just, Prov. 17.15: The Prayer ond, Prov. 6.16,&c. The froward, of one who does not hear, or obey Lov. 3.32. Prov. II, 20. Lying the Law, Prov. 28.9.




mitted in the Heart, Matt. 5. 28. make lons are sanctified when tbey


Arguments to disswade from Ada!. The Greatness of Abraham's Faith, tery. It defiles the Body, Lev.18.20. 'Rom. 4. 19. 607, a, 7. Called the

Cor. 6. 18. It destroys the Body Friend of God, 430, a, I.

and the Soul, Prov. 5.11. Prov.6.32. Abraham was tempted or tried by It brings irreparable Disgrace, Prov. God, 934, 6, 8.

6.33. It darkens the Understanding, The Promise made to Abraham. Hot. 4. 11. It consumes the Estate, extended to the whole Race of Man

Prov. 5. 10. Prov. 6. 26. Often

pukind, 473, a, 8.

nished by God in this World, Mal. The Promise made to him of

3. 5. God will judge, that is, connumerous Pofterity, 934.a, 4..

demn the guilty, 21, 6,22. It keeps Those Children of Abraham, who them from Heaven, 1 Cor.6. 9,10. imitate his Faith and Obedience,

Afflictions. 3.13, a, 13. 394, 2, 4, 12:502, b, i, We must exped to meet with Acceptable

Troubles and Affitions in our way To God are the offering ourselves: to Heaven, 535,2, 25. to him, Rom. 12. 1. Spiritual Sacri.

Of the Causes and Reasons of df. fices by Jesus Christ, i Pet. 2.5. Pa- fiktions, many of them of our own tient suffering for well-doing, 1 Pet. procuring, Wisd. 1.12,&c. They are 2: 20. Love manifested by our Care sent for the Punishment of Sin, z to avoid giving Offence, Rom. 14. Sam. 12. 14. Pfal. 89. 30, &c. Pfal

. 18. To do Justice and Judgment, 107. 17, Lam. 3:39. Mich. 7.9. And Prov. 21. 3. That Children requite for other Reasons, on Joh. 2. 3. Pfal. their Parents, i Tim. 5. 4. Praying 105.17. Aflittions sent by way of for our Governours, 1 Tim. 2. 2.

Trial, Psal. 66. 10, &c. 679, 2, 23. Succouring the Ministers of Christ To keep us humble, 2 Cor. 12.7. in Distress, Phil. 4. 18.

To 'purge us, 38, a, 7. To fhew us Admonition,

that we must not trust in our felves, See Reproof.

but in God, 2 Cor. 1. 8, 9.

The Good and Benefit of Affitti. Adoption.

ons, 611, a, 25. 715, a, 14. 627, a, God Acopted or chose the Pofteri. 19, Afflictions purifie us, 679, 2, 23. ty of Abraham for his people, 631, Men are drivento God,and brought a, 8.

to Repentance thereby, 2 Chron.12. Of Adoption, 624, 2,24.

12. Ifa. 26. 16. Pfal. 78. 34. Hof. 5. Adultery

15. Luk. 15.-14, &c. 941, a, 27. Stri&tly forbidden, 21, a, 33. com

us obedient, Pfal. 519.07. Spiritual adultery is committed by When they bring us to Humiliatica worfhipping Idols, false Gods, &c. and Repentance, 2 Chron. 32. 26. Judg. 2. 17.

1 Chron. 5. 25. Ezek. When they improve our Graces and 23. 37.

Virtues, Rom. 5. 3. Adultery was punished with Death Those who are not bertered by by the Law of Mofes,4, a, 9.2i, b,t. Afflictions are made worse, 1070,2,3; That Adultery might not go unpu

We must not be moved by the nished for want of Proof, God ap- &tions to depart from our Duty, 559, pointed the Waters of Jealousie,that 6, 11. the guilty might be miraculoutly We cannot judge of God's Dit punilhed, Num.5.12, &c.

pleasure towards any, by the All Steps towards committing lions that befal them, Job 5.17, &c. this Sin to be avoided, 618, a, 9. Prov. 3. 11, 12. Luk, 1;. 1, &c. The Heart must be callefully watch In Afflictions we should apply ou ed, Matt. 15.10.

felves to God, Pfal. 18.3, &C Pial. 50.15.


33, c.

Confiderations under Aflictions, 791, a, 18 See Mercy. Those who 625, a, 21.

will not Work, not proper Objects, God a present Help in Trouble, 2 Thef. 3. 10. 128, a, 20. He was with Joseph in Motives to give Alms, 26, b, 12. his afflictions, 487, 3, 43. He deli- 31, b, 19. Deut. 15:10. Mat. 25. vers his Servants out of them, 487, 34, &c. It is a Sacrifice acceptable b, 9. Sometimes they are not only and pleasing to God, Phil. 4. 18. delivered, but made prosperous, We do not love God, if we neglect 487, b, 32.

it, 24", b, 13. We are encouraged Age,

by Promises, 27,2, 7. 32, 4, 6. 60, What makes old Age honourable, b, 20. 757, a, 8, b, 12. Pfal. 41. 1, Prov. 16.

&c. Prov. 14. 21. Ifa. 58. 7, Loc. 31.

Luk. 6. 38. Threatnings against the Allegory What, on. Gal. 4:24.

Uncharitable, Prov. _21, 13. Prov.

28. 27. Jam. 2. 13. The being unAlms

charitable to the Poor, a great and Styled Righteousness, 26, b, s. damning Sin, as appears from the Almsgiving, a Duty very much in Parable of the rich Man and Lazelin fisted on in the holy Scriptures, rus, Luk. 16. 19, Bc. Mat. 25. 240, a, 14.'' 279, a, 16. 294, a, 1. 41, d. 301, a, 11. The Duty of all, Zech.

Ambition, 7.9. Of the Rich, Luk. 21. I, 4. obuc

The Danger of falling into this Sort, 240, ā, 14. Of People in mean Vice, the Apostles not being free Circumstances in fome Cases, Cor.

from it, Luk. 22.24, &c. Mar.9 8.2, 3. Eph. 4. 28. The Proportion to be given is to

Analogy be measured by every Persons Abi Of Faith what,on Rom. 12. 6., lity, 517,2, 1. On Acts 11. 29,

Anathema The Manner of giving. It must be

What, on

Cor. 16.22. with a good Intention, Mat. 6. 1, 2. are not absolutely forbid

Angels. to do it openly, on Mat. 6. 1. We The Word Angel denotes Office; should give Alms Liberally, 141, a, it signifies Melenger. It is applied 5. Rom. 12. 8. Prov. 11.25. Cheer- to Jesus Christ,styled the Messenger fully, 755, b, 10. Without delay, or Angel of the Covenant, Mal. 3. I. Prov. 3. 28.

It is applied to Men; who are If we give Alms according to our tyled Ambassadors, and Messengers, Ability, God efteems them not so or in the Greek, Angels, Ifa. 33:7, much by the Quantity, as the Zeal. Luk. 7. 24: Jam 12. 15. to John and Affection of the Giver, Luk. Baptist, Mal. 3. 1. 21.2, doc. 2 Cor. 8. 12.

It stands for the blessed Spirits aAlms will nor attone for continu. bove, called, the Angels of God, and ing to live wickedly, on Luk. 11. his Hoft, Lc. Tou, a, 22. 41.

Angels were created by God, Pfal. Objects of Charity. Next to Cafés 148.2, 5. They are many in Numof great Want, we ought to have a ber, 100, à, 19. 233, b, II. 492, particular regard to our poor Rela- a, i. Mat. 26. 53. 1038, b, s. Of tions, 1 Tim. 5.4,8 To our fel- great Knowledge, 2 Sam. 14. 17.

more especially of great Power, 2 Kings 19. 35. good Christians, 60, b, 6. 517, b, 3. Pfal. 103.20. Immortal, Luk.20.36. 899, b, 1. We are to extend our There are different Orders of Alms to all Men as we are able, good and evil Angels, styled Prin

Kk 2



But we

low Christians,

cipalities, &c. 630, b, 5.

Angels minister to the Servants of Of che Evil Angels. See Devils. God, sometimes keeping them from

Among the good Angels, Michael, falling into Evil, 100, a, 16. Zech. a Prince, 1018, a, 3. Gabriel one 1.9, c. 1 King. 19. s, dc. They of the chief, Luk. 1. 19.

support and comfort them in great Angels are fpiritual Substances, Dangers and Calamities, Luk. 27, 902, b, 14. Heb. 1. 14.

43. Alts 27. 23, 24. They deliver Angels styled holy, Mat. 25. 31. them from the Evils into which Angels of Light, 2 Cor. 11. 14. E. they are fallen, Gen. 19. 15, 22. Jeet, 1 Tim. 5.21: Sons of God, Numb. 20. 16. Dan. 3. 28. Dan. 6. Job 1. 6. Job 38. 7.

22. , 479, a, 2. They direct and Of the Ministry of Angels with re, guide them, Gen. 22. 11, 12. A&s ference to God. They attend him, 8. 26. A&ts 10. 3, 22. They ac and do him service, Pfal. 68. 176 quaint them with things to come, They do his Commandments, Pfal. Dan. 8.15,6. Rev. 1. 1. 2 King. 103. 20, 21. They are Messengers 1.3,4 of his Will to Men. Examples, To Angels convey good Men to Hea: Lot, Gen. 19. 1. To Abraham, Gen. ven at their Death, Luk. 16. 22. 22. 11. To Manoah and his Wife; Angels insinuate themselves into Judg. 13. 3, 13. To Jofeph, Mat. and affect the inward Senses of 1. 20, dowc. To Zecharias, Luk. 1. Men, Mat. 2. 19. Aes 12. 8. 11; dc. To the Virgin Mary, Luk, Only those who fear God, and are I. 27, 6c.

Heirs of Salvation, are entituled to Angels have often assumed an hu. the Guardianship of the holy Ax. mane Shape, and been visible, gels, Pfal. 34.7. Heb. 1.14. Texts Numb. 22. 23, 31. Their Countea which render it probable that eve: nances have shone like Lightning, ry good Man has a particular Guardia 485, a, 18. They are faid to go, an Angel, Eccl. 5. 6. Mat. 18. 10. walk, come, stand, dc. Gen. 18. 2. Acts 12. 11, b. Gen. 19. 1. Joh. 20. 12. Angels Tometimes employ'd by

Anger God in infli&ting Judgments, Gen. Cor. 10. 22.

Of God, why not to be provoked, 1 19: 12, 13. 2 Sam. 24. 15, 16." 2 King 19. 35. 2 .Chron. :32.

Anger, A Ets 12. 23:

This Passion is either good or evil, Angels were employ'd in the De- according to the Nature and Cir. livery of the Law, 492, a, !.

cumstances thereof, Mat. 5. 21 Angels probably present in Place's 806, b, 20. of publick Worship, on 1 Cor. 11. We should not be


without 10. But they are not to be wore à just Cause, Mat. 5. 22. Nor too shipped, Judg. 13. 16. Col. 2. 18, angry for a just Cause, Gen. 49. 7, 19. Rev. 19.10. Rev. 22. 8, 9. on Nor to an ill end, Prov. 21. 24.

Nor so as to utrer folly, Pfal. 106. The Angel of God's Presence 33. went before the Ifraelites, 491,1, 8. The Wickedness of Men a just

Angels ministred to our Lord, Cause of Anger, Mar. 3. 5. 547,8, 351,6, 32. Present at his Relurre. 20. čtion, 872, a, 15. They will attend Motives to fupprefs Anger, 8c6, when Christ comes to Judgment; b, 20. Prov. 25.8. Prov. 27. 4. 133, 2, 14.458, b, 19.

Its mischievous Effects, Prov. 29. Argels desire to look into the 22. Jam. I. 20. Dispensation of the Gospel, 1 Pet. Friendship not to be entred into 1. 12.

with an angry Man, Prov. 22. 24.


Rev. 1.-4.


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