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St. Matthew.

St. Luke. 10. 29. As they departed from Je. 2. 36. Seven years from her virgi. richo.

nity. 11.9. Hosanna to the son of David. 3. 5. Every valley shall be filled. 13.5. They make broad their Phy- 3. !!. He that hath two coats, lec la&eries.

him impart to him that hath none. 23.8. Be not ye called Rabbi. 6. 12. And continued all night in 23.35. That upon you may come

prayer to God. all the righteous blood.

6.30. Give to every man that asketh 14. 24. If it were poflible, they shall of thee. deceive the very ele&t.

8.31. They befought him that he 24. 29. Sun be darkned.

would not command them to go 26.11. Me ye have not always.

out into the deep. 26. 34. Before the cock crow thou 9. 60. Let the dead bury their dead. fhalt deny me thrice.

10.4. Salute no man by the way. 175. (Judas) went and hanged 10. 20. Rather rejoice, because himself.

your names are written in heaven. 87.9. Then was fulfilled that which 11.41. Rather give alms of such was spoken by Jeremy the pro things as ye have. pher.

II. 50. That the blood of all the

prophets may be required of this St. Mark.

generation. 3:29. He that shall blafpheme a. 12. 33. Sell that you have,

, gainst the holy Ghost hath never 19. 48. He that knew not, and did forgiveness.

commit things worthy of stripes. 4. 12. That seeing they may see,and 13. 33. Go ye and tell that fox. not perceive.

14. 12. When thou makest a dinner 5.13. Jesus gave them leave (the

or a supper, call not thy friends. Devils to enter into the swine) 14. 23. Compel them to come in. 7. 26. The woman was a Greek, a 14. 26. If any man come to me, and Syrophenician.

hate not, &c. 9.13. They have done unto him 16.9. Make to your felves friends

whatsoever they lifted, as it is of the mammon of unrighteoufe written of him.

ness. 9. 49. Every one shall be falted 16. 16. The law and the prophets with fire.

were until John. 10. 30. He lhall receive an hundred 17.10. Weare unprofitable servants. fold, now in this time.

18. 1. Men ought always to pray. 11. 13. The time of figs was not yet. 19. 26. Every one which hach shall 13. 32. Of that day - knoweth no be given. man - neither the son, but the 21, 19. In your patience possess ye

father. 15. 25. It was the third hour.

22. 17. He took the cup, and gave

thanks. St. Luke.

22. 36. He that hath no sword, let 1. 8. In the order of his course. him fell his garment and buy one. 1.17: In the spirit and power of 23. 31. If they do these things in a Elias.

green tree, &c. 2.25. Waiting for the confolation 23. 40. The other answering reof Israel.

buked him. 2.34. This child is set for the fall 24. 4. Two men stood by them. and rising again of many in Is.

St.John. rael.

your souls.

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St. John.

St. John. 1. 3. All things were made by him. 12. 25. He that hateth his life in this 1. 14. The word was made flesh. world. 1. 16. Grace for Grace.

12. 31. Now is the Judgment of this 1.17. Grace and Truth came by world. Jesus Chrift.

12. 38. That the saying of Efaias 1. 18. No man hath seen God at any the prophet may be fulfilled. time.

12. 40. He hath blinded their eyes. 2. 19. Destroy this temple.

14. 15. If ye love me, keep my com3. 5. Except a man be born of wa. mandments. ter and of the fpirit.

17. 1. The hour is come. 3. 8. The wind bloweth where it 17.9. I pray not for the world. listeth.

17. 17. San&ifie them through thy 3. 13. He that came down from Hea- truch.

ven, even the son of man which 18. 20. I ever taught in the synais in Heaven.

gogue. 3.22. There he tarried with them 19. 11. Thou couldst have no powand baptized.

er against me, except, &c. 3.25. There arose a question be. 20 19. When the doors were tween some of John's disciples,&c.

shut came Jesus and stood in 3. 32. No man receiveth his testi. the midst. mony.

21. 7. - For he was naked – 4. 38. Orher men laboured, and ye

Αξts. are entred into their labours.

A sabbath-days journey. 5.31. If I bear witness of myself,&c. 2. 17. It shall come to pass in the 5. 34. I receive nor testimony from last days (faith God) I will pour men.

out of my spirit 5. 37. Ye have neither heard his

2:21. Whosoever shall call on the voice, nor seen his shape.

name of the Lord shall be saved. S. 40. Ye will not come to me.

2. 23. Him being delivered by the 6.37. All that the father giveth me determinate counsel and foreThall come to me.

knowledge of God 6:45. They shall be all taught of 2. 27. Thou wilt not leave my soul God.

in hell. 7.7. The world cannot hate you. 2:38. Repent and be baptized every 7. 28. Ye know whence I am.

one of you in the name of Jesus 7.38. Out of his belly shall flow

Christ. rivers of living water.

2:43. Many wonders and signs were 8. 15. I judge no man.

done by the apostles. 8. 36. If the Son therefore thall, 2.44. Had all things in common. make you free.

46. Breaking bread from house 8.56. Your father Abraham rejoiced

to houfe. to fee my day.

2.47. The Lord added to the church 8. 58. Before Abraham was I am. daily such as should be saved. 9. 3. Neither hath this man sinned 3.19. When the times of refreshing nor his parents.

shall come. 9. 39. For judgment I am come in. 4. 8. Peter filled with the holy to this world.

Ghost. 10.15. I lay down my life for my 4. 28. For to do whatsoever thy sheep.

hand and thy counsel determined 10. 18. This commandment have I before to be done. received of my father.

6.1. There arose a murmuring of 10. 28. They shall never perish, the Grecians against the Hebrews.



dred years.


Romans. 6. They laid their Hands on them. 1, 17, Therein is the righteousness .6. Intreat them evil four hun. of God revealed from faith to

faith.. 14. Threescore and fifteen fouls. 3: 2. Unto them were committed 16. The fepulchre that Abraham the oracles of God. bought for a sum of money. 3. 28. Justified by Faith. 42. God turned, and gave them 4.4. To him that worketh is the up to worship the host of heaven. reward not reckoned of grace, but 60. He kneeled down, and cried of debt. with a loud voice.

5.13. Until the law, sin was in the 7. Hearing a voice, but seeing no world. man.

6. 14. Ye are not under the law, 5.48. Baptized in the name of the but under grace. Lord.

7.7. Is the law sin? God forbid. 1.29. The disciples every man ac, 7.14. I am carnal, fold under fin. cording to his ability,determined 8.8. They that are in the flesh canto send relief

not please God. 1.1.6. Men of Israel, and ye that '8.9. Ye are not in the flesh, but in fear God.

the spirit, if fo be that the spirit 1.19. He divided their land to of God dwell in you. them by lot.

8. 16. The spirit it felf beareth wit3. 34. I will give you the fure ness with our fpirit. mercies of David.

8. 28. To them who are called ac. 3.48. As many as were ordained cording to his purpose. Eto eternal life believed.

8. 29. That he might be the first1:15. We also are men of like pas born among many brethren.

9. 11. That the purpose of God act. 16. Who in times past suffered cording to election might stand. all nations to walk in their own 9.15. I will have mercy on whom I ways.

will have mercy, to 17. He left not himself without 9. 16. It is not of 'him that willeth, witness, in that he did good, and nor of him that runneth, but of gave us rain from heaven, and

God that sheweth mercy.

9. 17. For this same purpose have 1:20. That they abstain from

I raised thee up.

9. 18. Therefore hath he mercy on 5.3. And took and circumcised him. whom he will have mercy. .). 31. I ceased not to warn every 9. 25. Hath not the Potter power one night and day with tears.

i 1:4. Who said to Paul through 9.38. What shall we say then ? that the spirit, that he should not go

the gentiles which followed not up to Jerusalem.

after righteousness, have attained 3.5. I wist not brethren that he to righteousness. was the high priest.

10.9. If thou shalt confess with thy 5. 7. Unto which promise our mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe twelve tribes inftantly serving in thine heart that God hath

raised him from the dead, thou 7:33. This day is the fourteenth shalt be saved. day that ye have carried,


con 12. 6. Whether prophecy, let us tinued fasting, having taken nc

prophefie according to the proportion of faith.

14, 23.

fions with you.

fruitful feasons.


oger the clay.

God hope to come.


1. 16.


1 Corinthians, 14. 23. Whatsoever is not of faith 9. 25. Every man that striveth for is fin.

the mastery is temperate in all 16. s. Greet the Church that is in things. their house.

10. 2. And were all baptized unto 16. 5. Salute my well-beloved Epe. Moses in the Cloud.

netus, who is the first-fruits of 10, 8. And fell in one day three and Achaia unto Christ.

twenty thousand. I Corinthians.

10.33. Even as I please all men in

all things. - Besides I know not whe.

11. 5. Every woman that prayech ther I baptized any other.

or prophesieth with her head un1.17. Christ fent me not to baptize,

covered, dishonoureth her head. but to preach the Gospel.

11. 10. For this cause ought the wo1. 21. It pleased God by the foolish

man to have power on her head, nefs of preaching to save them because of the angels. that believe.

11. 19. There must be also Herefies 1. 26.- Not many mighty, not

among you. many noble are called.

13. 22. Or, despise ye the Church 2.13: - Comparing spiritualthings

of God. with spiritual

11.25. This do ye, as oft as ye 2. 14. The naturalman receiveth not

drink it. the things of the spirit of God.

II. 29. He that eateth and drinketh 3. 7. So then neither is he that

unworthily, eateth and drinketh planteth any thing, neither he

damnation to himself,not discern. that watereth: but God that

ing the Lord's body. giveth the increase.

13. 12. Now we see through a glass s. 5. To deliver such an one unto darkly. Satan.

15.6. After that he was seen ofabove S.11. But now I have written unto

five hundred brethren at once. you not to keep company, if any 15. 20. (Christ is) become the firftman that is called a brother be a

fruits of them that slept.
fornicator, &c.
6. 12. Allthings are lawful for me

15.29. Why are they then baptized

for the dead ? 7. 2. Let every woman have her 15. 51. Behold I shew you a mystery. own husband.

16.22. Let him be Anathema, Ma7. 14. Else were your children un

clean, but now are they holy.
7. 20. Let every man abide in the

2 Corinthians.
fame calling wherein he was called. 1. 22. Who hath also fealed us,
7. 23. Be not ye the servants of men. and given us the earnest of the
7. 26. This (to remain unmarried] Spirit.

is good for the present distress. 3. 6. The Letter killeth, but the 7. 28 Such shall have trouble in the Spirit giveth Life.

6.15. What concord hath Chrift 7. 29. The time is short.

with Belial. 2.34. The unmarried woman careth 8. 1. Moreover, Brethren, we do for the things of the Lord.

you to wit of the Grace of God. 7:36. If any man think that he be.

11. 4. Ye might well bear with him. haveth himself uncomely towards 11. 14. Satan himself is transformbis Virgin.

ed into an Angel of Light. 8. We know that an idol is no. II. 28. That which comech upon thing in the World.

me daily, the Care of all the Churches.




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2 Corinthians.

2 Theffalonians. 7. There was given me a Thorn 2. 2. That ye be not foon shaken. n che Flesh.

in Mind, or be troubled neither 16. Being crafty, I caught you by Spirit. with guile.

2.3. That Man of Sin be revealed, s. Know ye notyour own the Son of perdition. elves, how that Jesus Christ is in 2. 15. Stand fast, and hold the 7ou, except ye be reprobates. Traditions. 14. The Grace of our Lord Je

1 Timothy. us Christ, &c.

1. 4. Neither give heed to Fables, Galatians.

and endless Genealogies. 1.0 foolish Galatians, who hath 1.9: The Law is not made for a jewitched you.

righteous Man. 17. Have put on Christ.

1.15. Christ Jesus came into the 3. Under the elements of the

World to fave Sinners ; of whom World

I am chief. 4. When the fulness of time was

2.4. Who will have all Men to be come, God sent forth his Son.

saved. 24. Which things are an Allegory. 2. 14. Adam was not deceived. 17. So that ye cannot do the

2. 15. She shall be saved in Child. things that ye would..

bearing. 22. The fruit of the Spirit is 3.15. The Pillar and ground of Love, Joy.


4. 8. Godliness is profitable to all Ephesians.

things, having the promise of II. Being predestinated accord the Life that now is, dic. ing to the purpose of him that 5. 8. If any provide not for his own. worketh all things after the 5.9. Let not a Widow be taken Counsel of his own will.

into the Number under three2. Children of Disobedience. score Years. 3. Were by Nature the Children

2 Timothy. of Wrath.

1.9. According to his own pur30. Grieve not the holy Spirit of pose and grace which was given God.

us in Christ Jesus before the Philippians.

World began. 6. Who being in the Form of 3. 1. In the last Days perilous times God, thought it not robbery to

shall come. be equal with God.

3. 8. As Jannes and Jambres with13. It is God that worketh in

stood Mofes. you to will and to do, of his good 3.14. Continue thou in the things pleasure.

thou hast learned. 5. An Hebrew of the Hebrews.


1, 2. Promised before the World

began. - 16. That ye likewise read the E. pistle from Laodicea.

1. 12. One of themselves, even a

Prophet of their own. 1 Theffalonians. 1.15. Unto the Pure all things are -. 19. Quench not the Spirit.

pure, .21. Prove all things.

2. 10. Not Purloining. 23. Your whole Spirit, and Soul,

Hebrews. 2.5. Unto the Angels hath he not


and Body

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