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III A member may also personally entertain in the Club rooms not more than two guests at one time, without restriction as to their residence or college connection. But members are expected not to bring undergraduates into the rooms during the college year, after 5 P. M., except when special invitations have been issued to non-members for lectures.


The name of every visitor must be recorded in the Visitors' Book, together with the date and the name of the member introducing him, upon the occasion of each visit to the Club rooms.

V Members will be held responsible for all guests whom they introduce or entertain.

VI The privileges of visitors may be terminated at the discretion of the House Committee.

VII No book, pamphlet, newspaper, or other property of the club, shall be mutilated or removed from the rooms. All damages to Club property of whatever sort must be paid for by the member causing the same, the amount to be assessed by the House Committee.

VIII No fee of any kind shall ever be given to an employee of the Club by any member or guest; nor shall an employee be sent out of the building for any purpose other than upon Club business; and then only by an officer of the Club, or a member of one of the Standing Committees.

IX No subscription paper shall be circulated in the Club rooms, nor any article exposed for sale there, without the permission of the Board of Directors, or the House Committee.

X A Suggestion Book will be found in the office of the Club, and all complaints and suggestions to the House Committee must be entered therein and signed by the member or members making the same. Members desiring to make confidential communications may address the House Committee in writing, under a sealed cover.

XI Round games, and gambling in any form, are prohibited. No games of cards, billiards or pool will be permitted on Sunday. The tariff and regulations for the use of the billiard and card rooms will be under the control of the House Committee.

XII All house accounts are due on the first day of the following month. Whenever the accounts of any member shall remain unpaid for sixty days after they are due they will be posted in the Club rooms; and if the accounts shall remain unpaid for sixty days thereafter the member will be dropped from the Club, provided such action is approved by the Board of Directors.

XIII The Library Committee shall have charge of the general regulations of the Library.

The use of the Alumni Room may be ob-

tained for any alumni organization, college or scientific society, upon the written application of a member of the Club to the House Committee, provided such use does not conflict with any Club function. And provided also that the meetings are conducted without inconvenience to the members of the Club. The member in whose name this privilege is issued will be held accountable for the manner in which such meetings are conducted, and for any damage to Club property which may occur.

XV Except by permission of the House Committee refreshments will be served only in the room designated for entertainments.

XVI No member shall purchase cigars or refreshments for any other member of the Club.

XVII No member shall date or address from the Club any communication intended to appear in any newspaper, periodical or other publication.


At the time of its organization the University Club secured by the generosity of its charter members a small library of standard books of a general nature. To this has been added a number of works of reference, and a collection of books pertaining especially to college and university affairs. In some cases complete sets of catalogues have been secured. There are also fraternity catalogues, college and university song books, annuals published by the students, historical and biographical books upon colleges and universities and their presidents, faculties and graduates, fiction of a distinctly college sort, memorials, reminiscences, Phi Beta Kappa addresses and complete catalogues such as the Alumni Record of Syracuse University published in 1899.

While it is not thought advisable to attempt any large increase in the number of books of a general nature, the development of the part of the library above mentioned has been adopted as the fixed policy of the Library Committee.

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