Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference: Los Angeles October 27-28, 2005

Karlene Jones-Bley
Institute for the Study of Man, 2006 - 250 Seiten
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Michael Janda: The Religion of the Indo-EuropeansGregory E. Areshian: Cyclopes from the Land of the Eagle: The Anatolian Background of Odyssey 9 and the Greek Myths Concerning the CyclopesHannes A. Fellner: On the Developments of Labiovelars in TocharianJens Elmeg'rd Rasmussen: Some Further Laryngeals Revealed by the Rigvedic MetricsIlya Yakubovich: Prehistoric Contacts between Hittite and Luvian: The Case of Reflexive PronounsRanko Matasovic: Collective in Proto-Indo-EuropeanBirgit Olsen: Some Formal Peculiarities of Germanic n-Stem AbstractsChiara Gianollo: Tracing the Value of Syntactic Parameters in Ancient Languages: The Latin Nominal PhraseMartin E. Huld: Indo-European `hawthorns?Jay Fisher: Speaking in Tongues: Collocations of Word and Deed in Proto-Indo-EuropeanLisi Oliver: Lex Talionis in Barbarian LawKatheryn Linduff and Mandy Jui-man Wu: The Construction of Identity: Remaining Sogdian in Eastern Asia in the 6th CenturyIndex.

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The Religion of the IndoEuropeans
A herm with the gods arms stretched out

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