Hortus Cantabrigiensis, Or, A Catalogue of Plants, Indigenous and Exotic, Cultivated in the Botanic Garden, Cambridge

John Burges, 1800 - 133 Seiten

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Seite 55 - Great purple Orpine Evergreen Orpine. Yellow. Bastard. Poplar-leaved. American. Starry. Round-leaved. Reflex-leaved. Glaucous. Rock. Green. White. Wall Pepper. Six-angled. English. Annual, Villose. PENTHORUM. Sedum. WOOD SORREL. Large-flowered. -Purple. Common. Woolly. Violet. Drooping. Convex-leaved. Various-coloured. Long-leaved. Slender-leaved. Hairy. Sessile-leaved. Red. Rose. Creeping. Flesh. Upright. Horned. Fan-leaved. Yellow. ROSE CAMPION. Corn Cockle. Italian. Common.
Seite 82 - Scollop-leaved. HEDGE MUSTARD. Officinal. Britain. Winter-cress. • Spreading. Spain. Austria. Worm-seed. Britain. Saw-leaved. Austria. STOCK. Wild. Britain. Mountain. S. of Europe. Changeable-flowered. Madeira. Wall-flower. Siberia. Willow-leaved. Europe. Annual. S. of Europe. Cluster-leaved. Ten-week. S. of Europe. Trifid. Barbary. Dandelion-leaved. Siberia. Great Sea. Britain. Flat-podded. Levant. Rocket-leaved. Island of Chios. Small-flowered.
Seite 105 - GROUNDSEL. Hawk weed-leaved Chinese. Common. Three-flowered. Gray. Clammy. Wood. Wing-leaved. Purple Jacobea. Dingy. Inelegant. Slender-leaved. Southern-wood. Ragwort. Rosemary-leaved. Ilex-leaved. Bird's Tongue. Branching. Leathery-leaved. Creeping-rooted. Broad-leaved. Mountain. Hard. Marsh Ragwort. BOLTONIA. Starwort. STARWORT. Shrubby. Reflex-leaved. Tooth-leaved. Long-stalked. Ivy-leaved. Dwarf. Mountain. Wood. Toad-flax-leaved. Umbelled. Italian. Divaricated. Sea. Hyssop-leaved. Flax-leaved.
Seite 66 - Violet-poppy. — . POPPY. Bastard. Britain. Naked-stalked. Siberia. Corn. Britain. Common. • Welsh. Eastern. Levant. ARGEMONE. Prickly. Mexico. SIDE-SADDLE-FLOWER. Yellow. N. America. "WATER LILY. Striped-flowered. N. America. Yellow-flowered. Britain. White-flowered. .— — BIXA. Arnotta. Both Indies. CALOPHYLLUM. Bay-leaved. Both Indies. SPARRMANNIA. Angular-leaved. CBS LIME-TREE. Common. Britain. Broad-leaved. N. America. Pubescent. Carolina. White.
Seite 77 - Shrubby. Madeira. TRUMPET-FLOWER. Common Catalpa. S. Carolina. Rooting Ash-leaved. N. America. Branching-flowered. W. Indies. Indian. E. Indies. Digitated. W. Indies. Cluster-flowered. Norfolk Island. L 1787- Mar.— July. G. Ц. 1786. July,— Aug. G. Ц. 1785. MPSG Ц. June. — Nov. H. 0. 1732. July.— Aug. H.
Seite 73 - Fen. Pennyroyal. GROUND IVY. Common. ARCHANGEL. Balm-leaved. Smooth. Rough. Italy. Ukraine. Spain. Portugal. Siberia. S. of Europe. Spain. Levant. Madeira. Canary Islands. Canary Islands. Madeira. Levant. Austria. Italy. Italy. S. of Europe. France. S. of Europe. Crete. Canary Islands. Madeira. Britain. E. Indies.
Seite 63 - Meadow-rue. . Guelder-rose. N. America. Service-tree-leaved. Siberia. Goafs-beard. Austria. Siberia. Drop-wort. Britain. Meadow-sweet. Lobe-leaved. Siberia. Three-leaved. N. America. POLYGYNIA. ROSE. Single Yellow. Germany. Italy. Double Yellow. Levant. Hudson's Bay. Hudson's Bay. Cinnamon. S. of Europe. Corn. Britain. Burnet-leaved. S. of Europe. Scotch. Britain.
Seite 125 - в. s. W. Indies. Persia. E. Indies. Britain. Canada. S. of Europe. — — — Levant Levant. S. of Europe. Britain. Europe. Isle of Bourbon. Canary Islands. Spain. Portugal. Britain. France. Spain. S. of Europe. Siberia. Tartary. Britain. E. Indies. Jamaica. B. Indies. Tartary.

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