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of gentle blood (part shed in Honour's cause,
while yet in Britain honour had applause)
Each parent sprang---What fortune pray ---Their own;
And better got than Bestia's from the throne.
Born to no pride, inheriting no strife
Nor marrying discord in a noble wife;
stranger to civil and religious rage,
the good man walk'd innoxious thro' his age:
No courts he saw, no suits would ever try;
Nor dar'd an oath, nor hazarded a lie:
unlearn'd, he knew no schoolmeus' subtle
No language but the language of the heart:
by nature honest, by experience wise,
Healthy by temp'rance and by exercise;
His life, though loag, to sickness pass'd unknown;
His death was instant, and without a groan,

Vol. I. r b The

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